Dog Show in North Battleford


Let me introduce you to my newest passion….showing dogs.  Ok so it’s not the best picture of me but look at the dog…her name is Chatty and last weekend she completed her championship(earned a total of 10 points in the show ring).

I was so honored that my friend Nancy not only asked me to support her this weekend but she also asked me to help show Rico.  It was my first time in the show ring and I did not do the best but it made me want to learn more about being a great handler.


Now I know all of you are thinking…she’s always been a little crazy….and you know what…I think I am sometimes,  but this weekend I found a whole bunch of crazy men & women just like me and I had a blast.  There was no one saying ‘why do you want another dog?’  Everyone was just like me and could have 5 or 6 dogs or more…it felt so good to fit in just because of my love of dogs.  Now these guys are pretty special in my eyes because they are Yorkshire terriers,  there is something about this breed that just makes you fall in love instantly and all of you know my sweetie is a Yorkie.  She is the reason all of this began.


Now this is Chiqui (Cheeky).  She is a Westie or West Highland White Terrier and she hopefully will be the dog I am showing in Fall of this year or spring of next year depending on how fast we can get her ready.


Chiqui is my sister & brother in laws dog and she is a beauty. She’s only 7 months old but I can hardly wait to see her in the show ring.

Anyways that is the crazy dog lady’s update….I hope you enjoyed the pictures!