Dog Shows

So I am really excited to hit the dog show circut again this year.  I’m getting my Westie ready…she is such a nice little dog.  We should do good this year with her I hope!

I am also purchasing my first Yorkie show dog, I am hoping to go and pick him up in February.  I wanted to introduce you to my first BOY dog ever….His name is NITRO  aka “Jala’s Explosively Charged”.  I am sooo excited to get him!  Showing him this year will be lots of fun

Jala's Explosively Charged aka Nitro

The Shows we are attending this year are;  March 5-7 – Prince Albert.  April 9-11 -Battleford.  April 30-May 2 – Saskatoon. July 2-4 –  Cold Lake, AB.  Sept 17-19 – Balgonie…..those are the shows we have decided on going to this year but there may be more depending on time & money.

My Friend Tanya & I & Cassandra will be going to all these shows together and I am looking forward to hanging out with my friend, my daugther and a whole bunch of dogs.  I know many people think I am strange but I really don’t care, the dog showing world is a whole new world and I love it.  I am learning so much everyday and there are more people just like me there, we have a blast!  There are always things that are discouraging, like the politics involved or the fact that it is a really expensive hobby but if you go in just looking to have fun, the politics & the expenses are a small burden to bear in the grand scheme of things.

It is a really cold day today, January is always a hard month for me but today the Sun is shining so it doesn’t seem as bad as it really is.  I hope you are are warm and cozy where ever you are today, Thanks for stopping by, OH & HAPPY NEW YEAR!


2 thoughts on “Dog Shows

  1. Awwww, what a cute picture. I am sure you will enjoy all those shows! glad you find pleasure and comfort in these shows. Sorry that January is a rough month for you. Thank you for sharing. Hugs.

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