And I will still worship…

If you are anything like me I’m sure you could list several obstacles or difficulties in your life that seem to be keeping you for what you really what from your life.  The reality is that it’s easy to complain about our lives rather than be thankful for what we do have.  Something I really have been challenged by lately is something I heard from my favorite movie “Facing the Giants”.  When faced with the reality that they may never have children the husband asks his wife a vital question…”If God never gives us children, will you still love Him?”

It really comes down to do we trust God with the outcome of our lives even though we do not like the process?  That is really tough for me, I like control & knowing the path I am taking but lately my path seems unknown and I feel like I am flying blind.  I am learning to say “Yes Lord, I will worship you, I will love you, I will trust you…even though my path seems unknown to me I will trust you with the direction my life is going.  Even though I don’t like the process, I know that what is happening to me is to teach me something valuable.  Is it easy to release control?  NO but it’s getting easier as I continue to hand control over to the Author & Finisher of my faith.

So let me ask you the tough question…what trials are you facing?  If He doesn’t give you what you are praying for, will you still love Him…worship Him?

Romans 8:28

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,who have been called according to his purpose.”

I hope you have a blessed Sunday


2 thoughts on “And I will still worship…

  1. I can relate!!! Today, my hubby, our 2 little girls and friends from church w/their 2 kids, decided to go boating for the afternoon. We had borrowed a friend’s boat and were having such a great time until, yes, sure enough, at the very far end of the lake, the motor simply died. We were trying to get things going, the kids were getting hungry and it was 6 ‘o’ clock. Time to make a plan. I got on my cellphone and called friends but no one was home. We kept saying, ‘We should pray” but it seemed like that was the last thing we did! Finally, we prayed, a nice guy ended up towing us, and the s&r boat also came, but it was as though that fellow needed to hear my hubby tell him that GOD had used him to bless us, the Christians, even though we were so disgruntled and upset that our ‘simple’ plan had been messed up…. GOD DID cause things to work out for good…. That man HEARD about Jesus and how grateful we were for a tow! So.. you just never know!:) It really changed our ‘tune’ to know that somehow….. we had been used of God despite things not ‘going our way’!

  2. When I saw the picture of the rainbow, I remembered the words of a simple song of faith: “When you see a rainbow, remember Godf is love.” When we are going through testing times and we find it difficult to keep on loving the Lord, the rainbow reminds ua that, whatever is happening in our lives and however fragile our love for the Lord may be, He never stops loving us. He loves us with a love tha will not let us go, a love that never comes to an end, an everlasting love. Our changing circumstances may bring us prosperoty. They may bring us adversity. One thing remains constant: God’s love is unchanged, unchanging and unchangeable. May God bless you in His love. May He give you much strength to keep on loving Him more and more each day.

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