An update finally…

Well It’s been a long time since I have since down to a computer just to write a general blog!  I have missed it and yet it was so great just to take the summer off and enjoy creation, my friends & family.  I have learned so much about myself the last 5 months.  For example…there were several camping trips that we went on without our kids and I realized that I like having them around, even when they are annoying.

They turned 16 & 15 this year, they both had jobs over the summer and it was hard being without them!  I am so blessed to have two amazing kids.

Barry & I got to do something we have been dreaming about doing since we were first married…camp in a camper!  We bought our camper in spring and have spent most of our weekends away enjoying creation and just hanging out with friends & family.

God has been so good to me and sometimes I had to just pause and breathe in the amazing blessings that He has given me.

This fall promises to be incredibly busy with so many things.  I have been asked to Co-lead a Open Hearts ladies group which is a support group for Women who have gone through abuse.  I haven’t said I would do it yet but I feel honored that they asked me.   You can pray with me that God would give me direction in this.

I am continuing to sing on the worship team every opportunity I can but I don’t know what God is leading with my music.  It is something I struggle with because I want to be successful with it but I also feel like there are so many better musicians than me.  You can pray about this with me!  On another note My friend Janelle made her CD this summer and I would encourage you to listen to her songs.  She is really an amazing singer!

I still continue to struggle with my weight.  I sure hope I will figure it all out someday…I really wish I had a quick fix but I know it will be a slow journey for me.  I am sooo sick of being this size so you can pray about this with me too.

Work has been going good, it has been a big adjustment to learn to work full time and still juggle my home schedule.(most of the reason my posts have been very limited)  I’d love for you to check out our website, which is part of my job, helping design and create the website for On Par Home Builders Inc.

My sister and her family moved home to Canada after being on the mission field in Bolivia for over 14 years so we got to take these family pictures this last month.  Isn’t this a great looking family?

We took a few family pictures too…..awww

Well I think that’s all I will post about tonight.  I hope all of you are doing well!


5 thoughts on “An update finally…

  1. girlie girlie – you look HOT in tha family pic! wowza! 🙂 🙂 now it all makes sense, cause i saw someone at church on Sunday – and i’m like: wow, that looks ALOT like Crystal’s sister, but she lives really far away! now i feel like a snob cause i didn’t go say Hi!! 🙂 tell her i’m sorry!
    and it seems like you & i struggle with alot of the same things. my weight is getting the better of me this summer. i may be losing slowly, but that doesn’t mean i make up for self-confidence lost. and that self-confidence goes right into my music as well. i think it’s all about where our focus is…and that it has to be on GOd & not ourselves. but that can be hard too – because i know i’ve listened to some of my songs over & over…thinking i could have done so much better…but it’s not really about me, is it? easier said than done. i think you are crazy talented, and even though God may not be moving as quickly as you would like, He’s still moving, and He’ll help you find your dreams yet!! 🙂 🙂 I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for you after i did this project…it’s SOOO much work! 🙂 thanks for giving me a shout-out by the way! 🙂 i love ya chickie, and can’t wait to do coffee soon! 🙂 hope you are feeling better today!

  2. you have such a beautiful family Crystal! funny i was checking out your camping photos this morning and got sidetracked with little people and forgot to comment! Glad you had a great summer!

  3. So glad you stopped by my place! It was great to hear from you. Loved the update and your pictures. Have had a good summer and am thanking God that my fibro has been quiet! Will pray for the Lord’s direction in your life!

  4. It was great to catch up!!!! Glad you stopped over at my place for a visit – it is always wonderful to hear from old friends. A full time job???? That is new isn’t it. BTW the link didn’t work for it so you may want to check it. Can’t wait for you to join us on the Joyful Journal meme on Fridays!!! (or any day of the week you choose but the link will be up on Fridays)

  5. Thank you so much for the up-date on what is going on in your life…
    I will keep you in my prayers as you are seeking His will…
    It is so neat that you are having your sister close by again to see her more often.
    (((hugs))) and blessings

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