What are you up to?

Many of you have ask what I’ve been up to well I thought I would show you……..

In no particular order…..this has been what has consumed my time this spring & summer so far;

My Kids

My Kids

Watching my kids grow up….

A little camping (I warn you,….it’s a no make up picture)

A little more camping with our new camper (It’s a rockwood roo & we love it)

spent some time hanging out with friends…

Watch my boy suit up for football training camp….

Attend a grad for my friends daughter….

Took pictures close to where I live….

Started a new job working full time……..

Worked on improving the front yard……

I even got a picture taken…….But what has consumed most of my time and is now finally done is;


I still want to write about my fast but am finding that most of my days are just consumed with regular stuff so I think I will put off posting about my fast until fall when things slow down for me a little.  I still post every Sunday at the PMS Club so if you are missing me feel free to stop over there.

I hope all of you have a great summer!

11 thoughts on “What are you up to?

  1. What great pictures girl! The puppy is sooo cute! Your kids are really growing up fast! They look so grown up!! I love your pond, how neat! Glad to hear from you! Hope you have a wonderful week – God Bless~

  2. I do miss you – so I had to just stop by and see what you are up to.
    I think you look cute without make-up, so no warning was necessary.
    Your pond looks very cool 🙂

    I hope your full-time job goes well, my friend.

  3. i love the pond! it’s gorgeous! i was wondering where you were this summer! i haven’t seen much happening, but of course it’s summer and everyone is going out and about!
    we have been travelling a little, but nothing too exciting, i’m mostly getting the garden ready and just trying to figure out my house (still)

  4. Wow! Your front fountain is gorgeous! So is your family 🙂
    Your kids are so grown up! Love the picture of you at the end.

  5. i’m so glad you had such a great summer! i really really want to do coffee…maybe message me on Fbook & let me know your work schedule! 🙂 i miss chatting with you! love ya.

  6. I love your pond it looks so good.
    I can tell you put a lot of work
    into it.

    Can you email me and let me know how that hot tub of yours is doing (thinking of your back yard). I am out of the hot tub buz but I am still curious

  7. Your yard looks amazing! Man, with how much effort, I put into my yard (which probably isn’t alot compared to others, but for me, it’s enough) I can’t imagine all the work you’ve done!

    You son is going to be a heart breaker….with him in that football gear….

    you look adorable, even without makeup!

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