Worship in the middle of grief!

Last week Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth lost their youngest daughter in an accident that happened on their driveway.  She was only 5 but what struck me was this family’s worship & faith in the middle of their grief.  I can’t even imagine this kind of loss and how I would respond if it were me.

To see some pictures of this little girl and to see a clip from the funeral please visit Steven Curtis Chapman’s website.

Steven Curtis Chapman is definitely on the top of my favorites list as an artist and there is this song he wrote for his recent album called “Cinderella”.  It’s a song that reminds us to enjoy our kids while we can because life moves very quickly.

I hope you will take the time to listen to the song.  I know if you do it will quickly become one of your favorites too.

To listen to the song Cinderella please click on this line and it will take you to youtube to listen to the song.

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2 thoughts on “Worship in the middle of grief!

  1. My heart was broken when I heard this news…our 6 year old daughter was killed 5 years ago this month when she was backed over by an SUV. The thing that kept us going was the fact that God has a plan and His plan is perfect for each of us! Another thing that kept us going is that we KNOW that we Know that we Know that she is with our Savior! She accepted Christ on Palm Sunday and was baptized on Easter Sunday, just a couple of months before she died! Faith is what keeps you going, though the pain can be so intense, even now. The family will need our prayers for years to come! Thank you for sharing this!

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