Breathe on me, Breath of God!


Breathe on me, breath of God, Fill me with life anew.

That I may love what Thou dost love, and do what Thou wouldst do.

Breathe on me, breath of God, Until my heart is pure,

Until with thee I will one will To do and to endure.

Breathe on me, breath of God, Till I am am wholly Thine,

Till all this earthly part of me glows with thy fire divine.

Breath on me, breath of God, so shall I never die,

But live with Thee the perfect life of Thine eternity.

Edwin Hatch (1835-1889)

Edwin Hatch was a learned man who could string together sentences filled with many syllable words. After all, he was a distinguished lecturer in ecclesiastical history at Oxford and a professor of classics at Trinity College in Quebec. His lectures “On the Organization of Early Christian Churches” were translated into German by the noted theologian Harnack. Few other English theologians had won European recognition for original research.

But when it came to expressing his faith, Hatch was “as simple and unaffected as a child” This hymn is filled with one syllable words and is a simple, heartfelt prayer.

Hatch knew that, while the words of his hymn were simple, the meaning was profound. At man’s creation, God breathed and man “became a living person” (Gen 2:7) At our re-creation through Jesus, the breath of God brings spiritual life and power. (Taken from The One Year Great Songs of Faith by Carol Stream – Tyndale)

Lately I have been trying to just pause during the middle of a busy or stressful day and taking deep breath in and praying a simple one sentence prayer which is simply this “Lord fill me anew, removed the evil from my heart and replace it with your heart for people Lord Jesus”. It really is amazing how God has been transforming me by that one simple breath. The Holy Spirit is available to us 24/7 if we only just take a few minutes to just PAUSE and take in a deep breath and let it symbolized you emptying your breath to replace it with God’s Holy Spirit.

My Question for you is just this;

What is your favorite Hymn or worship song and why?

You can share this in the comments or on your blog, I would love to hear from you about what “moves” you!

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Breathe on me, Breath of God!

  1. Hymns are sooo powerful; I could never pick just one!

    Current worship songs can be powerful as well. My favorite is “Blessed Be Your Name” by Matt Redman. Regardless of circumstances, the Lord is to be blessed and praised.

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