I Wanna Yearn…

I went to a concert on Friday and discovered some new artist’s(for me, apparently they’ve been around for awhile and I was hiding in a closet somewhere!) and I just love this song!

This is the cry of my heart that I will yearn to be holy rather than yearn for things of the world! He longs to be our everything and we replace Him with food, possessions, and money. Is He everything to you?

Just click on the link above, close your eyes and soak in His presence!


2 thoughts on “I Wanna Yearn…

  1. II found your site while visiting blogs today.. and of course I just had to know what the PMS stood for other then the one I already knew..although I kinda had a feeling it would make make me smile and it did!!! *U*
    I enjoyed my visit and will be back to read more.

    Aloha Lorie

    I’ll share a poem I wrote that I think would also make u smile.. I need to find it..as a poet I have poems scribbled all over the place lol

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