In Spirit & In Truth


Well I just realized that today is the last Sunday of the Month and I should have posted my Questions on Thursday. So for those of you looking for the questions on Thursday I apologize for being tardy!

From Daniel 10:19

“Don’t be afraid,” he said, “for you are very precious to God. Peace! Be encouraged! Be strong!”

1. Have you ever fasted and prayed for a period of time? If so what did God reveal to you?

2. In this verse Daniel came face to face with God and had to fall to his face because of God’s glory so have you ever come face to face with God and what was your response?

3. These verses I believe are applicable today so when you read this verse how do you feel?

Sometimes God reveals Himself after a period of sacrifice so I would seriously encourage you to take some time to fast and pray in the coming month if you haven’t done it already. It can be 1 meal to 40 days of fasting. That is between you and God, just ask Him what He wants from you today!

Thanks for joining in this week!


2 thoughts on “In Spirit & In Truth

  1. I’ve been debating the fast.. a day or two… but working up the courage.. not sure if my blood sugar would freak.. maybe a meal? lol do I sound pathetic?

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