Someone’s Talking about me….

Amydeanne interviewed me for the PMS club’s “Women in the Spotlight”series

Click Here to read my interview

I should be back to regular posting in the middle of May…I really miss you guys!


3 thoughts on “Someone’s Talking about me….

  1. Crystal you’re so awesome, I love how gentle and open your heart is 🙂
    I just saw your “my journey to weight loss” goals on your sidebar, and I just want to say amen! and keep on keeping on! and way to go! I remember quite a while back, I read on of your posts that said you weren’t even going to try anymore, because you weren’t going to lose weight anyway. And I remember thinking nooooooo! Crystal! You can do it! The God in you can do it! You are worthy and precious and beautiful! Don’t give up don’t give in!
    Seeing those goals just blesses me, to see the perseverance and faith, the determination, no matter the discouragement or struggle….this sums up our walk. Getting up, and getting up, and getting up… and one day, looking back down the road you’ve come from and seeing all that He has done. Praise God. He will complete His work.

  2. Loved reading your interview! You are one special person. Always remember Jerimiah 29:11! “For I have plans for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE” Hope you are having a good day my friend! Love Ya!

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