Live Well – Learning to Surrender

This week has been a struggle for me! There is more going on then just weight loss, for me it’s about obedience and surrender. I know what I need to do but I fight with myself every day to do it. I know the results I will get if I follow the prescribed died that my homeopathic doctor recommended(weight loss and feeling better) but it doesn’t seem to be enough to motivate me to keep going. God has just seem to come alongside of me and remind me that this is for Him, for His glory not mine that He is developing my character during this time and wants to show me a new way of thinking about food. Like I said last week, He is changing me from the inside out.

I didn’t know until I started this how emotionally connected to food I really was, that I use it to keep every emotion in check. Now I must learn to deal with every emotion as it comes. I have to say that surrender is taking time for me, I am doing the right thing right now somewhat rebelliously because I know I need to be obedient, but there is a side of me that is still fighting this process(because I am grumpy and irritable) and I know that until that rebellion is gone there is no change really in my heart or mind.

For things to change for me permanently, so that I can maintain my weight loss when I am done means I need to have a change of heart and mind and willingly submit myself to this process for God’s glory.I hope you take the time to read the post called “His promises are New every morning!” because in it is a very that God gave me this week from Ezekiel that has really encouraged me.

This week I know that when I tell you my weight loss all of you will be really shocked, but don’t be, it’s only water & toxins that I have lost this week, next week won’t be nearly as much. This week I have lost 13 pounds and I know it’s hard to believe, I could hardly believe it when I stepped on the scale but it’s hardly even noticeable on me because of the amount of weight I need to lose. I have to say though that I feel really good. The bloating is gone and my energy levels are really good.

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How are you doing this week? I pray that you are doing well! Thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “Live Well – Learning to Surrender

  1. Oh, I feel this is so true for so many of us! Thank you so much for being so transparent in your sharing! He indeed has to work inside and often reveal things to us and the change can come so slowly!
    Keep pressing on!

  2. I’m glad you’re finding more than weightloss to this! It must be so hard… hehe i’m trying to work up the courage to do something similar and yet as i’m sure you know all the obstacles that come in the way of it.
    Hugs and prayers my friend!!!

  3. {{{Crystal}}} You are so right! So much of our journey comes down to obedience and surrender…and when we do it in that manner we gain strength in the Lord!

    Congrats on your progress 🙂

    Tammy ~@~

  4. Yes we have stongholds and walls that God continues to work with us on! Isn’t he the patient one!!! I so understand your struggle!

  5. I am so proud of you! I am still on the First Place program at church. I know it is a struggle but you did great! Keep up the good work girl! Hang in there! We can do this! God Bless You for your obedience!

  6. Your post really spoke to me this morning because we’re in the same place. I have an emotional attachment to food too, maybe it’s just a girl thing. 🙂

    Wow! 13 pounds!! Even if it is water and toxins, it had to be great to see the scale move that much in a week. I hope it gives you as much motivation to continue on as it did me. I would love to see the scale move that much in a year! Ha! Ha!

    Have a wonderful day today, you’re doing great!


  7. awseome !!! don’t give up, no matter what. Write out when you’re feeling strong and then go back to it when youre feeling weak as to why you are doing this….it really helped me.
    Love you and am praying for strentgh for you.

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