New on my book shelf!

Brother Andrew began taking Bibles to Christians behind closed borders in 1955. That work has since developed into Open Doors International. He is the author and coauthor of numerous books, including GOD’S SMUGGLER. Al Janssen has co-written or authored more than twenty-five books, including another book with Brother Andrew, LIGHT FORCE: A Stirring Account of the Church Caught in the Middle East Crossfire. For eight years Al was chairman of the board for Open Doors (USA) with Brother Andrew and is currently director of communications for Open Doors International.Together in SECRET BELIEVERS, Brother Andrew and Al Janssen chronicle the lives of a group of Christians who live under Islam.
Here are a few of the memorable people you will meet in SECRET BELIEVERS (Revell; Hardcover; July 2007):

* A young Muslim terrified by nightmares until he is introduced to Isa (Jesus).

* A former leader in a fundamentalist Muslim movement that persecuted Christians.

* A privileged young Muslim woman who is held captive by her family when they find a Bible in her possession.

In their most incredible and eye-opening book to date, Brother Andrew and Al Janssen invite you to meet these brave men and women you never knew existed. This is the riveting true story of the Church in Islamic countries struggling to come to grips with hostile governments, terrorist acts, and an influx of Muslims coming to Christ. The names and places have been changed to protect the real people in the real places. But the stories are true.

SECRET BELIEVERS not only gives you a glimpse of the lives of these courageous believers, it also proposes four practical initiatives for Christians in the West to help these persecuted brothers and sisters. It calls us to join a new kind of jihad, leaving vengeance behind in favor of forgiveness, radical love, and unyielding prayer.

“Brother Andrew and Al Janssen reveal the amazing stories of those who witness the love of One they once refused and passionately searched until they found Him, even in the face of great opposition. Theirs is a testament to meekness, grace, and triumph, and a call to every follower of Christ to mirror their example.” — Ravi Zacharias, author and speaker

“This is a must read for all Christians in the West.” —Don McCurry, president, Ministries to Muslims

This book is a compelling read and since my Brother-in-Law & Sister-in-Law are missionaries to Muslims it captured my attention right away!

6 thoughts on “New on my book shelf!

  1. Wow, I can’t tell you how glad I am I popped in here today. In our 1Peter3Living group there are several women married to muslims. They would enjoy this book. I will pass the link along to them. Thank you Crystal.

  2. Hey girl! Sounds like a really good book. I may just check this out! It is almost time to start camping and I could always use a good book to read while I listen to my new CD that is on its way!!! Can’t wait! Thank again friend! Hope you have a wonderful week! God Bless~

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