When the going get’s rough…

I have to admit that this week has been a really difficult week. So today I can only speak from the place I am in. I found myself overwhelmed with circumstances that surrounded me! Have you ever felt like that? Like you just want to give up? I really spent a good portion of my week just wallowing in my circumstances and just giving up on my life because it just seemed like everything I did just made things worse.

The last two days I have been at a prophetic women’s conference called “Deborah’s Arise”. It was like a drink of water for a thirsty soul!

Here is a quote that really stuck out for me this weekend “Do your circumstances define you or do you define your circumstances?” I saw a vision of this wave that came crashing in over me and it had me pinned down, the pressure was great and the Holy Spirit said to me “You’ve got to get up or it will drown you”! It was that simple, just stand up! Yes it would be easier to stay down but staying down would kill me.

I really feel like this message is not just for me today, it’s for you too! It’s time to stand up and take your land. Step out in faith believing that our God is faithful to see you through what ever is pressing down on you today. The victory comes from standing up and not accepting the lies that the enemy is throwing our way. You know what I am talking about, does this sound familiar? “It’s a lost cause, don’t bother trying, your not good enough, God could never use you”

Who will win this battle? You decide! No matter how much you feel that it’s out of your hands it really it just as simple as taking back the ground the enemy has stolen from you. STAND UP and Worship Him, for He is worthy to be praised and you are a daughter of the KING!

Thank you for stopping by today! I pray a Blessing on your Sunday!

Don’t forget to stop by on Thursday for this Month’s Questions to participate in Spirit and in Truth!


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