Graduation Day!

Today I graduated from a 5 month course I took on Counseling. It challenged me, made me cry, and helped me to re-evaluate my goals in my life but I really felt like it has helped me to gain control in some of the areas in my life that needed some fine tuning. Plus I now will have the ability to possibly help someone else deal with their issues. Here I am with my teacher & friend Gillian! (Check out the tan! Take note cause I really am not a tanner so I will probably never be this dark again.)


I even got to sing at my own graduation and guess what else?  You can now buy the MP3 version of my CD online now @ CD baby on my very own webpage!

No shipping costs, no waiting just click and buy!  Isn’t that exciting?  You can also listen to 2 minute sound clips from each song so you know what you are getting!


So now hopefully my crazy life will slow down a little (I really doubt it cause you know what happens right? There is always something else to take the place of this empty spot of time)!

I love this picture of the Sunset from our trip and I wanted to leave you with something really beautiful and truly amazing!



5 thoughts on “Graduation Day!

  1. Congratulations on your graduation!
    You do look so tanned! Awesome!
    I will order your cd. I just ordered my friend’s cd from there.
    Is it hard getting adjusted to the cold weather again?

  2. You really go a good tan girl! I viewed your pics they are so good. You look happy in them. Glad you had a good time and you got home safe. Welcome home! God Bless!

  3. Sorry We could not make it to your grad. I would of LOVE to be there! When I came from P.A. Harry got there and he was not feeling good at all so we were abit worried to leave him alone! I think he had a bad day with his wife so his blood pressure was high..

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