Off to Mexico

My toes are all pretty & ready for some Sun, Sand & Relaxation!

(Ok I know they are not the most beautiful toes but check out the cute design!)


We are leaving soon for Mexico but I hope you will still come over and check out my post at over at the PMS club for the first edition of “In Spirit & In Truth” on Sunday.  I have my answered posted there and I can hardly wait to come home to read your answers!

I will post some pictures of our trip when I get back!   Have a Great week everyone!


6 thoughts on “Off to Mexico

  1. You have the cutest “little” toes. If you seen mine you would know why I said “little”. Mine look like my fingers. I have terribly ugly feet. I love the design to. I am really looking forward to checking out PMS on Sunday. Enjoy your trip. God Bless you, my friend.

  2. haven’t been here in a while (shame on ME!) but i see you were out of the country! can’t wait to see your pictures!!!

    and your toe art is so cool! how are they holding up after all that sand & salt water?!? 🙂

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