Live Well Wednesday

  Well I have not felt like posting much these days!  I have been under the weather for more than 3 weeks.  I still go to work but when I come home I just crash!  I have no energy for nothing.  The good thing I guess is that I really don’t have the energy to overeat either so my eating has not been to bad.  My boss took the secretaries out for lunch yesterday and I did have a piece of cheese cake.  I am finding that my body is so much more sensitive to what I put in it now that I don’t have coke zero as a part of my regular diet.  I have heart burn,  I’ve never had heart burn before.  I am retaining water and before I never really did, I feel bloated when I eat dairy of any kind, all of this has almost tempted me to go back to drinking coke but I have not given in.This is a process and I am committed to the process but now I need to see a doctor to find out what is going on with my body and I really dislike doctors.  I need to find a good one that I don’t mind going to but that is nearly impossible in the city of Saskatoon.   We are suppose to be going to Edmonton this weekend for Christmas with Barry’s family but so far I have not found a house sitter that will come in and look after our entourage of pets so I may be staying home while Barry and the kids go to Edmonton.   With how I have been feeling lately this might not be such a bad thing but Barry and the kids are not very happy about it at all.   I have been reading your posts and am so encouraged by the progress that all of you have made over the last few weeks, I am sorry that I am not very encouraging today but this is my update.  Hopefull in the next few weeks things will start looking better. I have been going for some tanning sessions to help with my Vit D deficiency.  (It will also help prepare my skin for Mexico in January) Every year around this time I go through a real low period emotionally related to the lack of Sunlight.  The last few weeks have been especially bad since the sun has shone maybe 2 or 3 days in the last 3 weeks.  Friday will be the shortest daylight hours of the year and then we will be back to getting more sunlight again I hope. Thank you for stopping by!  For more people who are doing a whole lot better than I am please visit Darlene @ CWO


8 thoughts on “Live Well Wednesday

  1. I totally know what you mean. I felt so blue yesterday, and I wondered if it might be due to the short days and lack of sunlight. I have been tanning about once a week to get some of the vitamin D too. It’s a bad month for that. But, hey! You are doing great with your no coke rule. That is huge progress!!

  2. Hey lady – just know that you have a God who is full of compassion and knows how discouraged we can get. Keep on doing what your doing – the not drinking coke thing is huge – well done!! Merry Christmas!

  3. You are making progress as you recognize specific things about your eating and drinking habits. Knowing that will help you develop new habits – yay!

    Ohhhh, I so know what you mean about a lack of sunshine and dark days. Cold climate living and no sunshine is so my struggle this time of the year, also. I rejoice that we are almost to the 21st – tomorrow – and the daylight hours will lengthen! Woo hoo!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Tammy ~@~

  4. I’ve been sick, too. NOT FUN!! And definitely not good for my scales!! Praying for you my sister. Hope you have a wonderful week, and a very Merry Christmas!!

  5. You know what…you just gave me insight that I have never connected before. I get heartburn a lot and now I know why. My body is so sensitive to things that I use to eat. Wow! I can see it now. Thanks!! Have a Merry Christmas!

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