Death & Life

My Uncle died last week, the funeral is today!  He was sick for so long and really it is a blessing that he could go because he suffered so badly.   I don’t know about you but funerals make me take a good hard look at my life and reflect on how I can do better while I am alive.  It makes me sad to realize that there are unresolved issues with his children toward him and possibly even with our extended family as a whole.  I keep thinking how sad it must be that now that he is gone, none of those issues will really be able to be resolved on this side of heaven.  Things that should have been said never will be able to be said.  Anger and bitterness are such leeches, they suck the life out of people!  I often see in the faces even within my extended family  that there are unresolved issues and bitterness has taken hold in their life in many different areas and it prevents them from saying things that should be said and even from being able to smile with all their heart.  I think often we think that we can hide it but it shows up and effects every area of life and robs us of so much joy.  It takes away our ability to live life to the fullest!  I am not sad for my Uncle, he finally has peace and is getting to dance on streets of gold with Jesus.  Was he perfect?  No, I am sure there were many issues that he could have handled better but when Jesus forgives, He forgives everything so none of the imperfection went to heaven with him.  It’s forgiven and gone!

It makes me resolve to be even more diligent with saying the words that need to be said as soon as possible, to leave nothing left unsaid so that I will have no regrets about my life.   I watched two movies last night that I highly recommend because it’s about learning to let go of the past and making the best of the life that you have left.  “For One more Day” is the story of a Man who gets one more day with his Mom who has died.  It was so powerful because he was able to resolve some issues that had kept him from having a good relationship with his daughter.  This is also a book written by Mitch Alborn and while I have not read the book if it is half as good as the movie I think it would be worth the read.  The other movie I watched was called “An Unfinised Life” with Jennifer Lopez & Robert Redford & Morgan Freeman.  “In order to escape from the abusive boy-friend, Gary Winston (Damian Lewis), Jean Gilkyson (Jennifer Lopez) moves with her young daughter Griff Gilkyson (Becca Gardner) without previous notice to the ranch of her father-in-law Einar Gilkyson (Robert Redford) in Wyoming. Jean and Einar are disaffected, since he blames her for the death of his beloved son in a car accident. Einar is taking care of his friend Mitch Bradley (Morgan Freeman), who was attacked and seriously wounded by a bear, and he does not know that he has a grand-daughter. While Mitch heals his wounds and forgives the bear, Einar also changes his feelings regarding Jean, finally understanding that accidents happen and accepting her and loving his grand-daughter.”  I found this movie engaging and I loved the Characters! The overall theme of the movie was learning to forgive and live life in the present.  

I pray that daily I remember to say the things that need to be said even if it is difficult, even if it cost’s me something, so that anger and bitterness do not have a hold on my life!  So that I can honestly say at the end of my life, “it is well with my soul”!



7 thoughts on “Death & Life

  1. This morning I wrote on my own blog about death. Its a bit of wisdom I got from of all places The Muppet Christmas Carol. I thought it was appropriate to add it here.

    Life is about meetings and partings. But what counts is what happens in between!

  2. This was a wonderful post. “Anger and Bitterness are such leaches!” Oh how true that statement is. My sister has such anger and bitterness that it makes her ill. She just can’t let go. Such a miserable life she is living. I thank God that HE is in me and does not let that take over my life because without HIM I would be the same way. I really enjoyed your post today. Thanks for blessing me. Have a good day!

  3. I just realized why your blog was lighting up on my reader…I forgot to unsubscribe your old blog and re-subscribe with your new one…duh!!! Sorry I haven’t been around…I just had a senior moment 😉

  4. I love love love your Cd!!! I wanted to come by and tell you that a few days ago! You have an amazing voice!!!! Wow! God has gifted you girl! Thanks for the blessing!

  5. i’m sorry to hear about your uncle, but glad he was finished suffering.
    Hugs and prayers my friend!

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