Do you Ever get sick of hearing yourself think? Live Well Edition!

Well Today I am sick of myself…..does that ever happen to you? I am sick of my self destructive thoughts that keep me defeated and my grumbling habits that keep me feeling like there must be something better for me!I have made several postive changes in my life and yet I never feel like it’s enough, it’s those nagging thoughts that make me give up on the changes I have already made. So today I decided to quit thinking. I don’t know if it’s possible but I don’t like the person I am today so I am choosing to ignore her and think only good thoughts so that I don’t let go of the good I have accomplished so far.

Here are a few changes I am proud to say I have done well on so far this last year;

I get up early every morning to spend time with my best friend, sometimes it’s a very one sided chat but I feel like God made me this way so He must like hearing me talk.

I started a prayer Journal with 5 sections, #1 is prayer requests for me, what I would like to see God do in my life. #2 is prayer requests for my family. #3 is prayer requests for the ministries I am involved in. #4 is pray requests for my church. #5 is prayer request and intercession for my friends and other prayer request brought to my attention. I know that having a prayer journal will help me learn to pray more effectively. Monday I pray for #1, Tuesday I pray for #2, etc. On Weekends I focus on #3 & #5 more.

I journal at least once a week with a format our church has developed for mentoring and helping people grow in their spiritual walk. It’s really helped me to learn to be quiet and hear God’s voice. Again the format is a part of my mentoring process and it makes it easy.

I am taking some time each week to dig deeper into God’s word and just finished with the book of Galatians. Again the format is something my church developed to help people learn to ask the right questions when reading the word of God. Galatians has really helped me to appreciate the freedom I have in Christ and that I am not bound by rules or tradition anymore.

I gave up drinking coke zero almost 2 months ago already, it’s been really hard but when you give up something for the right reasons instead of doing it because you want to lose weight it made the decision allot easier. I noticed that I sleep allot better now that I drink more than 2 litres of water every day, and really I am craving it now. When I am thirsty I don’t reach for anything other than water.

I also stopped eating after 7 p.m. which has cut back my snacking considerably. Sometimes it’s hard because my family still does it around me but I am feeling pretty good about the last 40 days with not snacking after 7.

I’ve made a committment to myself to add positive habits every 40 days, just one or two so that I don’t get overwhelmed and quit. One of the newest habits is adding vitamins to my diet and so far taking them has gone well. I may add more vitamins in my next 40 days.

The habits I am struggling with and would ask for prayer are; excercise, I struggle with it mainly because I dislike pain and just about every form of excercise will lead to intense pain because of my fibromyalgia and arthritis. I had someone suggest pilates so I think am going to see if I can find a good pilaties DVD to try. Now that winter has hit us in full force walking is not even an option anymore because of the ice on the streets so I need to find something to do that works!

The other stuff I struggle with knowing when I am full and stopping there. Not letting myself comfort myself with food is definitely a struggle

My one other struggle is salt, I love it on everything I eat and am trying to cut back. I am switching over to sea salt too which is suppose to be lower in sodium.

Thanks so much for stopping by !

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14 thoughts on “Do you Ever get sick of hearing yourself think? Live Well Edition!

  1. Oh please do not be sick of yourself!!! You are wonderfully made! God says that you know. I know we all get into moods and sometimes we do not like ourselves very well but let me tell you that I like you! Your comments to me have been such a blessing! I love visiting your blog also! Since you are such a blessing to me, who you have never met, just think of the blessings that you are to your friends and family. Don’t think, like you want to think, for just a moment, think like others, like me, think about you! Does that make sense? Have a good week. God Bless!

  2. You know that God is in Control…that is your blog name so i know that you know it!! If God is then indeed in control then you have to turn this bad feeling over to HIM and let him deal with it. Sure sometimes i feel that way too but we just both need to get it behind us and go on.
    i like your new blog set up. I need to do something to mine too. Hope the rest of your week goes well.


  3. You are God’s most precious creation! We just need to call on God’s power and strength to help us fight this battle with overeating and exercise. Those negative thoughts are not from God. So bind them up and counter the thought with a positive thought-a verse from the bible that tells you how special you are in God’s eyes. you have taken such positive steps this week-you need to be proud of yourself. I will pray for you concerning exercise and knowing when you are full. I need prayers in that area, also. Come visit my blog. Blessings, Rose

  4. Your post was encouraging to me….but I do want you to know something from my perspective. You are doing a WONDERFUL job!!!! You truly are! You have already come a LONG way! I love, love, LOVE your idea to implement just 1 or 2 habits every 40 days! If you don’t mind I’d like to use that in my own life. Exercise came easy to me in the summer time. I am a runner and I would just run. My church has a gym and they offered free membership to members of the church, so I would go there if it was cold. Well, starting back in October, they started charging $25 per month. 😦 So I haven’t been – and I don’t go outside to run in 25 degree weather. That leaves me one option for the winter – to pop in my “Walk Away the Pounds” dvd and just deal with it until the spring.
    I know exercise is hard, but it is one of the KEY ingrediants to weightloss. Get Walk Away the Pounds, it should be easier on you with having arthritis. Just try to get that heartrate up! Keep pressing forward, you really are doing an amazing job!! Keep looking to God as your strength!

  5. A very good post! I would like to know more about the format for your journaling. I journal also. I know it helps. I have misplaced mine at present, might have left it at daughter’s house.
    I have noticed I face the mirror every day with negative thoughts about my appearance. I have to work on that.

  6. It sounds like you’ve made great changes already in your life and the best way to make them good habits is slowly and gradually which you’ve done! WTG!

    I do know women with pain issues who have gone to swimming or pool exercise which works very well for them. Perhaps you’d have that option nearby?

    Tammy ~@~

  7. Wow, it’s like you and I are the same person!! I’m so sick and tired of complaining about my weight and saying I need to develop self-discipline, yadda yadda yadda. I love that you’ve had victories and are building from there. I think I need to start smaller than I have been, so that success is more likely, and discouragement is less likely.

  8. You have made some awesome changes!
    Have you ever read The Weigh Down
    it’s awesome, and it teaches you how
    to eat according to hungry and full.
    I started with that book, and I still
    look at it often.

  9. NOW, you need to LOVE yourself and these new choices…no being SICK of yourself!!:)
    You are making so many choices to LIVE WELL…cling to those and to HIM..HE is with you every step of the way…
    You are at the plateau..not enough fast enough…
    one day at a time sister..We are ALL in this boat together!
    peace…and PLEASE don’t stop thinking:) we need you!

  10. I totally know what you mean! All I can see is all that I need to change not all that I have changed!! I’m with you there! This is a really good idea crystal, to write down all the positve changes you’ve made and they are GOOD ONES! godd for you!!! keep it up. I so easily get distracted on the things I need to do too. I may just copy your idea and do the same for myself!

    As far as exercise, baby steps and never give up! if you miss more days than you wanted to, just carry on like you never missed any! I’ve been really working at this part of my life. It’s really hard to find something that fits with you, your schedule and something that you enjoy so that you will carry on. I’ve found my thing….running. I’m so blessed, my parents bought a killer treadmill! i walk across the street and have been continuing to run. I’m so excited that I’ve finally found what I love to do!

    Blessings hugs

  11. Yes!! This is just one more shred of proof that we are sisters!! I know exactly what you mean!! Just remember to take EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE to the OBEDIENCE OF CHRIST!!! He’s got your back girl!! Don’t listen to those lies!! Keep on journaling and giving it all to Jesus!!

  12. Oh Lady you are doing AMAZINGLY
    I would be quite thrilled with my
    achievements if I was you. Your focus is amazing
    however I do understand how discouraged I can get with myself, thats when I know it is all a work of God. Keep pressing in and you will get through this hurdle!

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