Living Well

What can I say this week? I am holding fast to not drinking any coke! It seems to be getting easier to let it go! I wish I could say letting go of food would be easier! I am still not eating after dinner except for the occasional late dinner I am usually not eating after 7 p.m. This is still difficult because my family eats all around me so I have to use allot of willpower. Sometimes I ask them to leave the room when I am having an especially bad day but so far I am doing ok. My Day time eating a snacking is still leaving allot to be desired. I am not sure what I will have to change for my next 40 day plan but snacking will probably be on that plan.

I have already decided that every 40 days I will add new goals to my living well plan.
So next week I will set out a new set of goals on my post for living well!

How has your week been? Are you living your life to the fullest or is life consuming you?
Lately I have been realizing that I do not use all my time to the fullest, so often I feel like I am playing catch up. With my studies, with my journaling, with my time with God it’s all an after thought instead of a first thought. This is definitely something I want to change about myself and I believe that this will reduce my stress levels and motivate me more to live my life to the fullest.
Thanks so much for stopping by to encourage me!
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11 thoughts on “Living Well

  1. I am proud of you, I know it is not easy. But, you are determined, God will bless your efforts my friend.

  2. YOU GO GIRL…one thing at a time…that Coke is a biggie…now the snacking..I work on that daily too..:)

    Funny you mentioned stress..that is what mine was about today…
    How so much of our NOT living Well centers around stress, and then we feel even worse…vicious cycle..
    Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Snacking is always such a temptation!! I find it’s worse when I’m by myself, with no one to watch what I’m all shoveling into my mouth! Hubby’s a middle-distance trucker, so IF he’s home at all during the week, it’s usually only for about 8 hours to sleep. See, so in the afternoons during my girls’ quiet time and in the evening after they go to bed, I’ve got no one to impress with a display of self-control!!!

  4. Sounds like you are making some good choices. We try not to eat after 7 pm either. And there is nothing wrong with asking the family to leave the room. Maybe you can find a guilt-free snack reserved for after dinner when the temptation is there. I use tangerines because they are good and aren’t over in less than a minute.

  5. I love the 40 day mark. It’s echoed so often throughout scripture, so there must be something to it. Perhaps once you get a habit in place after 21 days, then giving it another 21 days to solify has brought you through the desert of temptation.

  6. I love the 40 days thought too. I think it’s an awesome way to make changes in your life.

    It has been 2 weeks since we stopped having Diet DPs at home. It is definitely getting easier to handle. I’m with you…….I’m thinking of what I can work on next. 🙂

    Keep it up! You’re doing great!!

  7. I will try this again. I am having a problem getting my comment through. Just wanted you to know that I was drinking Mountain Dew like 5 or 6 a day. I quit and am now drinking water. You can do this. It is very hard but is very good in the end. You will feel much better. God Bless!

  8. Those are great ideas for goal setting! Keep chipping away. I know what you mean about living life to the fullest vs. letting life consume you. I am trying to find that balance now. So far it’s not going too bad! 🙂 Keeping on keeping on! It will get easier. Each time you deny your flesh, it weakens it and strengthens that will power – that Jesus power!

  9. that’s awesome! i’m super proud of you! i also went without evening snacks for a week now…it’s not as hard as i thought it would be. but now i need to work on my portion sizes, and just eating better. i have to remember it’s not all about the weight – but also just being healthy!! 🙂 love ya!

  10. Such excellent thoughts and GOOD FOR YOU in using that Spirit given willpower – I really admoire you b/c evening snack is one of my many vices too. But know I am going to be thinking of you and saying well if my sister can do then so can I. I love your 40 day plan. I am doing a weekly adding/changing but I love the 40 days for a spiritual reference. You have motivated me yet again to get my spiritual butt in gear – thank you!! Have a willFULL week – Shelley

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