Wordless Wednesday!

It’s My little Sister’s Birthday!
Happy Birthday Colleen, I wish you didn’t live in Bolivia today and I could take you out for coffee for your birthday!

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20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday!

  1. yay for birthdays, and more yays for sisters!
    You and her look so much alike, you can definately tell you two are sisters 🙂
    (commented on your last post)

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister. It was my sisters’ birthday today. She lives on the other side of the world from me. I did get to call her to remind her that she is still older than me. Great pictures! My sister and I are on my WW post.

  3. happy b’day to your sis! she’s incredibly beautiful! and i know what it’s like to be far away from family (ok, not that far – but it’s kinda the same)…thank goodness for phone plans! 🙂
    p.s. i’ll message you today to see when you are free!

  4. What a gorgeous sister!! I am sure you must miss her a great deal. Today is my granddaughter’s 16th birthday too. GREAT day..Sandy

  5. Oh I LOVED that. My sister is also on another continent and I often wish I could meet her at Starbucks or at a special Coffee Shop – I long for her at times – she is so wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing your sister with us.

    God bless you both!

  6. Happy Birthday to Colleen!!! She is really pretty. Hope you have a happy day as well. God Bless!

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