Living Well

Some days I wonder if I have done enough to improve my lifestyle! but then I have to remind myself that it takes 40 days to develop a new habit and get rid of an old habit, it’s only been 23 days. 23 days without having a Cola, 23 days of not eating past dinner. Those are 2 really big habits to change(at least for me they are) and yet I still feel like I am not doing enough, mostly because I am not seeing any results like weight loss, but then I have to remind myself why I started this in the first place. This is not about weight loss even though I need to lose weight, it’s about learning to discipline myself to say no to the bad and say yes to the good. It’s about learning to love Jesus more than I love the cola or the snack food and developing the fruit of the spirit called “self control”. I am learning that this life is a journey not a destination, it’s one step every day toward what God wants for me, and yes sometimes I fail and take 2 steps back but the key is getting back up again and step forward again. These are not the only area’s God is working on in me, here are a few other changes God has helped me implement in my life this year alone;

  1. I take time every day to spend time in God’s word and pray for His spirit to guide me in my day. ( I did do this before but it was very sporadic)
  2. I have a mentor who is helping me & keeping me accountable with learning the spiritual disciplines, like journaling, deeper study, deeper prayer. This has been life changing in my life and when I am done with my mentorship, I will be a mentor to someone else.

Every day I am being challenged to be better, to strive harder and to totally let God have control in my life. Not just pay lip service to change but to follow through. Change is not natural and often I resist, but I am learning to trust the One who made me to know what is best for me. But don’t you wish that sometimes everything could happen with just a snap of the fingers? Where is that jeanie when you need her? To bad she doesn’t exsist! I have decided that after my 40 days I will make a new list of things to do to “live well”, until then though I need to just focus on honoring God with the decision’s I’ve made so far. So often I rush ahead of God and then I end up failing because it’s too much to change at once(has that ever happened to you?). Then I become frustrated with myself and just give up with any change altogether. Here’s a thought, maybe I will reward myself after the 40 days are up and go to the spa for a day. Anyone else want to come with me? Thanks for stopping by!To read more people’s Journey to living well please visit Darlene @ Live Well Wednesdays!


13 thoughts on “Living Well

  1. “It’s not about our perfection, it’s about our direction”…..I need to be continuously reminding myself of this….You’re so right, all that matters is that we get back up again, and keep trying. The ONLY failure, is when we choose to GIVE UP. I too am getting myself back on the road to health, and it’s hard. But God promises that He who began a good work in us will finish it until the day of completion! So exciting!
    And yes, treat yourself at the end of the 40 days!!!! This is a must! If we don’t allow ourselves treats once in while, we will go nuts!

  2. Crystal. This was awesome. You may not have lost, but you have given so much to others suffering with the same challenges. I have committed to my diet for about eight years, six since my yougest was born. Sometimes it was just too tough, so I’d ask my niece, “Should we agree to drop it together?” She’d answer, no. Argh!! So we’d keep going together. That accountability was so vital during the tough times. You’ll reach the promised land one day, girl. Keep following that pillar of light.

  3. Crystal,
    Funny it never seems enough! You have tackled 2 huge eating issues!
    I applaud you…eating after dinner is a HUGE one! I try and be disciplined in that too~ sometimes the cookies call…BUT if all I have is apples…HA!

    I like your idea, 40 days and the spa!! hmmmmm, makes me want to break a few bad habits myself!
    peace and thank you for sharing, its a real encouragement!

  4. rod & i are on the same journey as you – and for him, the lack of Coke is a killer – and for me, the lack of nite time eating is a killer.
    so i’m incredibly proud of you! giving up Coke is SUCH a big deal!! 🙂

  5. I’m working on giving up the sodas also. I LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper. I have now cut my conumption in 1/2 but I’m still having about 6 a day. I know I’ll get there though. We have at least stopped buying them for the house so that is good.

    Great job on giving them up and not eating after dinner!!

  6. I totally agree with your statement, “This is not about weight loss even though I need to lose weight, it’s about learning to discipline myself to say no to the bad and say yes to the good.” Thanks for putting into words again for me! Keep it up, girl!

  7. Wonderful goals!! (Talk about 40 days of purpose!!!) I will be praying for you dear one as you seek to go Deeper Still.
    Have a great week!

  8. Sounds like you are on a great journey! I am encouraged by your success and one who is just starting out. Keep your eyes on the prize!
    Lifting a prayer for you!

  9. Oh I’d love to go to the spa with you!! Thanks for the 40 day challenge I hadn’t thought of that – something to ponder – be blessed lady

  10. Way to go Crystal! I am so proud of you. I know how hard it is to give up soda. It has been about 3 years since I gave up Diet Soda and it was sooooooooo hard! But I am free from it now… it can be done! Now, the over snacking..hmmm, that I need to work on!! My goal is to choose healthy snacks over the empty sweet things I usually choose!

  11. I kept trying to post a comment yesterday and finally gave up.
    So much of what you said fits me too. I have a habit of eating between meals and after dinner. I am aiming to cut that out this week. Just one thing at a time.
    Mama Bear

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