Thankful Thursday – Back from Vacation

  • I am so thankful for my wacky and wonderful family! We had a great time together on vacation and saw some pretty amazing things on our holidays. (I have not had time to edit the pictures yet, sorry!)

  • I am thank for my cousin Murray & his wife Deborah who put up with us for 5 days and I toured us around Post Falls and Spokane. We are so blessed to know them! I absolutely fell in love with their kids.

  • I am thankful for Barry’s Aunt in Calgary who we got to spend a few days with and my kids absolutely adore her.

  • I am thankful for Barry’s parents who let us stay with them for the last leg of our trip and that they are planning to make the 6 hour trip up from Edmonton for my Worship Concert & CD release party on Sept 21st.
  • I am so thankful that there was actually minimal amounts of arguing between my teenagers on our trip. They actually shared an mp3 player in the car for most of the trip!
  • I am so thankful I was able to relax and just dip my feet into the sand and take in all the beauty around me.

  • I am so thankful that God meets us exactly where we are!
  • I am so thankful for my own bed to crawl into after 2 weeks of sleeping in someone else’s beds. I love my bed!
  • I am thankful that my dogs missed me while I was gone and that my friend took such good care of them for me. (aside from one small mishap in which now my little dog could very well be pregnant again)
  • Lastly I am thankful for all of you who left such nice notes on my blog while I was gone. I feel so blessed that so many people actually missed me!
For those of you interested in seeing our holiday photo’s please follow this link and you can see all of them
For more Thankful Thursday or to participate please visit Iris @ Sting my heart
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20 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – Back from Vacation

  1. Thanks for sharing your blessings today!!! You guys are a bunch of happy people!!!

    Because of the dark days I am experiencing, it was important that I participate this week … I needed to remind myself of God’s blessings. Please come over and share it with me.

  2. what a lovely post, and such fun pictures! being with friends and family is always great! 🙂
    Blessings always …

  3. What a blessing from God ya’ll had.
    Glad you were able to spend sometime with family.
    How exciting about the party for your CD release.
    Thank you for sharing your cheery heart.

  4. Glad you’re home!! Loved the pics..looks like you had a great time…..

    much love,


  5. I am so glad that you had a wonderful time away with the family! Great pictures. I am going to have to remember to take some when I go away next week to share! I always am one to forget the camera!

  6. Loved the pictures!!! You were missed, glad to have you back safe and sound =))

  7. ahh, It all sounds so wonderful. I’m happy that you had such a wonderful, refresing time and were able to connect and fellowship with family. Blessings on the CD release!

  8. Crystal–It looks like you had a fantastic vacation. I am so happy for you and your family that you were able to make this 2 week trip.
    Cool that your in-laws will be able to come to your CD release party :)…I have been singing along with your CD – great stuff, girl 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing your thankful heart with us this week.

    Be blessed today and always.

  9. Seems like you had a wonderful vacation. Everyone sure looked happy. Thanks for sharing your picture.

    And when you mentioned that bed, a smile crept in my face. Thanks

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