Home Again, Home again Jiggady Jig!

Ok after a tedious 33 hours of driving in total on this trip we have finally arrived home. I hope to be back for the Thankful Thursday posting but until then……unpacking, cleaning my house and getting my kids ready for school is #1 on my list of priorities (and somewhere in there hugging and kissing on my dogs as much as I can cause I missed them soooo much!).

In the famous words of Arnold “I’ll be back”!


5 thoughts on “Home Again, Home again Jiggady Jig!

  1. So glad you are home and grateful you had a safe trip…

    I’ve also listened to your sample songs – they are wonderful!!

    much love,


  2. Oh Girl!!! There ain’t nothin’ like your own bed to come home to!! I am glad that you had a great trip, and that you and your family made it home safe and sound. Thanks for sharing your list!

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