I went into a bookstore and did not buy one book!!!

Why would I do such a silly thing you ask? Well I was putting up posters for my upcoming concert and it’s one of my favorite stores so I did go in to browse but God must have hid all the good books because I could not find one that interested me (I must have a fever, someone check my forehead please?). This is breaking new folks……

On a more serious note, here is a question that requires some feedback

Do I market my CD on the internet? (CDbaby.com) This would give me the ability to sell the songs individually through Itunes or the entire CD, they would do all the work and pay me? What do you think? Most of you have heard my songs posted on My Space…..give me your honest feedback cause I don’t know what to do? Would it even be worth it if I only sold 5 cd’s? (Ok I do have more than that on pre-order but it’s a valid question). Is there someone out there, somewhere? Don’t leave me hanging here……..


4 thoughts on “I went into a bookstore and did not buy one book!!!

  1. Go for it, it might be good! I bet you did not think I would be the first to comment eh?

  2. Since I don’t have any experience with this type of thing I don’t know. Is there some kind of music forum you can google to ask these types of questions? Other ‘artist bloggers’? Have you ever done a ‘google blog search’ to seek out other blogs that are promoting their music? It’s a thought. Anyway…for me it would depend on the amount of $ you have to invest to market. I am not much for endorsing ‘agents’ to sell me…but that is just me. It’s hard work to market yourself…but then it’s all about you and no one else has a part of you. I’m rambling now…good luck!!

  3. This is not about getting endorsing agents, I really would not be able to do that. This would be self promotion, the cost is really minimal, something like $55 dollars to get set up but it’s just one more cost added to all the other costs and I am just wondering if it is worth it….

  4. Hi Crystal-

    I’ll give my thoughts and know that I have prayed before typing this…

    I consider myself pretty Internet savvy. I blog, I have been a contributor to Faith Lifts and have been a moderator at Moms of Grace. Additionally my husband is an IT Director so I’m usually pretty up on what is online. That being said, I have not hear of CDbaby.com. So I can’t say whether or not their service is a good idea but if it is the best way to get on iTunes than I would strongly consider it. Why? It seems like the ability to sell individual songs would be a huge advantage. And I think if someone downloads one song and they like it, it could lead to that person wanting to download another song. I do still think you would need to work to market yourself. Word of mouth is probably the best thing. You may want to offer free CDs to select influencial bloggers. You could also create a youtube video that really speaks to believer’s hearts. I often see these posted on people’s blogs and that could be abother way to share your music and spread the word. A note-these don’t need to be true videos, I have seen just slideshows or home videos that have been set to music.

    I’m not sure if this helps but I thought I would share my thoughts.

    Good luck!


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