The Morning Post

Let me share my Love for this dog with you…….
Her day begins kind of like this

“I wonder if they will come onto my lawn cause I will be upset if they do”

“Wow……..He’s kind of cute, I wonder if I bark will he notice me?”

“Hey my family left me alone….”

“Come back…..”

I would like to point out that you can see the drool marks on the window sill because this is a morning ritual for her…..and I just can’t be mad cause she is way to cute!
Emily is an English Mastiff and yes she does drool a bit but that & the hair that they lose is the only faults of this gentle giant……..they are not hyper dogs, they just love to be with their family! She definitely is not a small dog, she weighs in at about 160 pounds but she thinks she is 5 pounds…….She is such an easy dog to love!
Emily and my little Yorkie, Abby are always together and if they get into trouble it’s because they are together…’s funny to watch cause Abby (all 5 pounds of her) can get a 160 pound dog(Emily) on her back…..
We have lots of comic relief in our home that is for sure!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a Great long weekend!


10 thoughts on “The Morning Post

  1. Oh Crystal! Emily is so beautiful! And too darn cute! I love the drool marks…I belly laughed at that one. I’ve always wanted a mastiff…you are blessed!

  2. Oh I love your welcome comment!!! 😉 See, wasn’t that just sooooooo easy? as you may know…we have two children…Miss Sam and our dog Marbles….sometimes they get jealous of each other 😉 especially during TV time on the couch and they both want to cuddle with mom! your photos and the captions are wonderful!!! Long weekend? Is it a holiday up there?

  3. She looks so sad in the last pic. LOL!!

    Big doggie….NICE doggie!


  4. I love your dogs.. I have those dog marks…I use to clean them.. now it’s like my children’s fingerprints… I just leave them..


  5. Great pictures. I’m a cat person, but we dog sit. This is my way of allowing the kids to have a dog without actually owning one and getting drool on the windows. One of the dogs we watch is a yorkie so I can just picture him with a big dog.

    This is my first stop by your blog…I’ll be back…thanks for the fun and lovely thoughts.


  6. I do love this group of photos was well as the lines you put with them. She looks so sweet there in the window. My dear friend Shell has an English Mastiff puppy and weighs almost that much at 8 months old! Other than the drool, they are cute 🙂
    By the way, I tagged you for a meme about middle names, come on over to my blog for more details! 🙂

  7. Oh man she is so stinkin’ adorable. We would love to have a mastif but our lifestyle would not be healthy for one…hopefully one day though. They are such beautiful creatures.

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