5 Things Meme

I was tagged last week by Denise for this meme although I think everyone knows everything about me already but I will give it a go……

What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago I was living in a small trailer in Osler raising two very busy kids. Brandon was in Grade 1 and Cassandra was starting kindergarten (oh my has time really gone that fast). I was suffering from some serious boughts of depression, I remember how unhappy I was and to be honest I am so glad I can remember how ugly that time was so that I don’t go back there….I also was diagnosed with fibromylgia around that time.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

One year ago I was doing the same thing I am doing now, working as a receptionist, although I remember being very frustrated as to where my life was going at that time.

Five Snacks You Enjoy

Anything with Chocolate…..LOL!

Five Songs That You Know All The Lyrics

Wow….only five…..hmmm well I will start with my favorite’s
Shout to the Lord
Better is One Day
Open the eyes of my heart Lord
Amazing Grace (my chains are gone)
Eagles Wings
(all of which are on my new CD being released in Sept)

Five Things You Would Do If You were a Millionaire

Pay of all my families debt
Establish a trust fund for my kids
Support and or establish a Youth drug treatment facility (there is nothing for drug treament in Saskatchewan for kids under the age of 18, its a huge need here)
Travel more with my Man.
Have an acerage with as many dogs as I want.

Five Bad Habits

Coke Zero
Buying books when I haven’t finished the ones I have on my shelf
To much time on the internet (although I think I am getting better with balancing things)
Eat to much when I am stressed
Road Rage (ok before anyone lectures meI really am working on it)

Five Things You Would Never Wear

A Bikini – some areas of my body just should not be seen, enough said!
Anything with checkers
Polyester – way to hot
Wool – way to ichy
A thong – no matter what you tell me that would not be comfortable and I really don’t care about panty lines. If someone is looking there well then that is their problem!

Five Favorite Toys

My Computer
My Cell Phone
My Car ( I love driving, that’s why we are going on a road trip to Idaho for our holidays, yay!)
My DVD player, recorder (it has a hard drive so I can store movies and shows so I don’t miss anything)
My sprayer for watering flowers (ok I am grasping at straws here, I didn’t know how toyless I really am)

Feel free to join in and leave a comment here if you would like to try it……I would love to know more about you!
Oh and by the way…..I am loving my new CD from Monk & Neagle
You really need to get this CD, it’s coming out in Sept and all I can say is it is soooooooo good!
monk & neagle banner
Click on the image to listen to a few tracks


5 thoughts on “5 Things Meme

  1. THanks for tagging me. I will write that one up hopefully today!

    I had a chuckle what you said about thongs!

  2. haha, I too had a giggle about the thong…..
    I have to say though….that thongs are just like tampons vs. diapers, oops I mean pads haha, once you get used to them, you don’t even feel them, and you never go back.

  3. Oh Good Grief! I never thought I’d come here and see the word thong! Hee, hee!!

    I absolutely LOVE your favorite snack! Thanks for the tag!

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