Things that make me happy!

(scrapbooking pages from Amydeane)
These pictures are from my flower garden……the picture of the sky happened a couple of days ago in the morning when I was having my alone time with God…..the heavens just “opened up”, it was like God said “Good morning Crystal”! This makes getting up at 6 a.m. worth it!
I often marvel at the beauty of God’s creation. When I look at flowers I marvel at God’s creativity……he is the ultimate artist! There is something about flowers that always makes me happy! I kind of think, if God puts this much detail in flowers can you imagine how much creativity He puts into us…..We are what Jesus came to earth for… save US!
Sometimes that just totally blows my mind……


7 thoughts on “Things that make me happy!

  1. Oh how fun!! I haven’t done a digital scrapbook page since Mother’s Day!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. love the daisies! and those blue ones (what are they called? are they tall? or short?)
    I myself have no green thumb so it’s a good thing people like you help make our world a more pretty place 🙂

  3. What a beautiful Scrap-page Crystal 🙂 Flowers and the sky are my favorite subjects to photograph.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful creation.

  4. Beautiful pics Crystal. Wished you lived closer so you could help me with my gardens.
    The sky picture is AMAZING!

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