301 posts later….Thankful Thursday!

I am so Thankful to God today for His people that listen to His voice……

Today I got these flowers from a friend…

she took me out for dinner….
she told me that she had a message from God for me!
“He is thinking of me…….He wants to romance me…..I am beautiful to Him!”

ME??? I am not worthy and I fail Him so much!

I am in awe of you Jesus!
He knew just what I needed to hear and I am so grateful for people who listen to His voice to deliver the message. (It’s important to note that my friend has the gift of prophecy so when she says she has a message from God I sit up and listen)
I’ve been feeling so blah lately and part of it is that I am so busy……this is my reminder to spend time with Jesus, the one who went to the cross for me because I am important to HIM!

I am thankful that my children love me enough to phone me daily just to tell me that they love me…..how amazing is that? Brandon got to fly a plane today….he loved that and Cassandra phoned to tell us she got invited to a dance by a boy….luckily it is a boy from the church or else I would be a little worried…..

I am thankful that my hubby and I get to spend 2 weeks alone together while the kids are gone……what a blessing!
Do you want to know the latest? My hubby and I milked cows last night at my families farm……and we did ok! 300 cows got milked and no one(or cow) got hurt……

I am in awe of Jesus today……
For more Thankful Thursday reading please visit my friend Iris and all those who are participating……you might even what to join in!


14 thoughts on “301 posts later….Thankful Thursday!

  1. Those flowers are just incredible. I always like fresh cut flowers :), but the ones in the store right now don’t look too good. Might be that we have about 110 (43C) every.single.day…

    How cool that your kiddos call you to tell you that they love you – see — no worries πŸ™‚

    It is always good to have time with our beloved-great time to rekindle the passion *smile*. I am looking forward to a week in September with mine.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thankfulness with us this week.

    Be blessed today and always.

  2. Those flowers are beautiful Crystal and so are you. God does love you so much ! I am so glad you had someone take you out to dinner friends are wonderful gifts from God. I am glad you got alone time with your husband how special.

    In his endless love,

    Angel ():)

  3. How sweet is the love and tender care of our Father. He knows–I read that on someone else’s blog–and it hit me in a special way.
    Thank you for your tender list.

  4. what a wonderful, spontaneous gift from God in the message from your friend…

    and milking cows? does your list of talents ever end? lol


  5. Love the image of you milking cows! LOL! HOW COOL! I tried doing that when I was younger but it was so hard I gave up.

    What a sweet friend you have.

    My son would be over the moon if he could fly a plane. He’s loved planes since he was 9 months old!

    Enjoy your time with your husband!


  6. That was a neat post. I was just stopping by, and enjoyed reading! God bless!

  7. I was just looking through some blogs. I enjoyed yours and I love the colors. Flowers are beautiful one of God’s many gifts to us. πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you for sharing your flowers with us! Love that fact that you & hubby milked cows together and no one got hurt.

  9. How awesome that your friend brought the message to you from the Lord… and esp. that you listened. πŸ™‚

    And, cool that your kiddos share their love w/ you. πŸ™‚

    Enjoy 2 wks. alone w/ your beloved! πŸ™‚

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