Men just don’t get it!

My kids have left for Air Cadet camp(15 days)…….and I just can’t help it……There have been a few tears……you would think I would be doing the happy dance….. but for me letting them go into the big unknown non-Christian world where not everyone has the same morals as we do just scares me a little……it’s not that I don’t trust them……’s those other people I don’t trust with my babies! I’ve been doing allot of praying for them ……not really because they need it…….more that I need it and I need to be able to trust that God holds them in the palm of His hand because He loves them way more that I do…….but…..I have never been away from them for this long……and I know Barry and I will have fun since we are both on holidays next week…….but a part of my heart just flew away to Alberta…….so I hope the next two weeks go by quickly……so that this hole in my heart doesn’t seem so big…….Barry was laughing at me already because of the tears…… so….. I come to you my blogging friends for a little compassion since I am not getting it from my manly man……LOL……MEN JUST DON’T GET IT! I know that all of this will be good for them…..they learn allot of life skills there……I know all of that in my head but in my heart I want them close to be so I can protect them!
So if my posts seem a little on the somber side of life……..just chalk it up to me missing my kids and if you think of them from time to time…..pray for their protection!


12 thoughts on “Men just don’t get it!

  1. Oh Crystal…I’m so sorry your feeling this way. I can’t imagine my kids being away for that long. But I think they’ll find that mom’s teaching will come in handy.

    I’ll be praying for them AND you.

  2. Crystal, I get it! I know how you feel my friend. My daugher is out on her own and I still get tears when she comes for a visit and them leaves to go home (get the rolling eyes from hubby).

    PS You’re tagged, check it out here

  3. Crystal I totally can relate to how you are feeling and you are right men don’t get it do they?In my house i am the only one now as my kids are down on vancouver island and my hubby is in camp.You and your family are in prayers.

  4. Just happened upon your blog and can totally relate to this post. I’m a stay-at-home mom and my kids are 27, 24, and 20. Maybe I should change it to pray-at-home mom. 🙂 Nice to meet ya.

  5. I am so sorry that your are having a hard time with your kids being away for so long. I remember the first time our son flew to Germany by himself. I was restless for the first couple of day, but I knew that he would be okay 🙂 – So I totally understand you…

    Be blessed today and always.

  6. I know what you mean….the first time my little girl went away for a week with her dad, I cried and cried and cried and cried….and so on and so on. Everyone around me was like, enjoy it! You’ve gotta break from your kid! But I was like, aw, I don’t want to be away from my kid! Hello?!
    Yeah…..but the time passed by so quickly, and you’re right, I did have lots of fun with my hubby. Be blessed, your kids are probably having a blast, soak up this time with your hubby and pretend you’re newlyweds with no kids yet! (and you’re right, men don’t get it!)

  7. Crystal! I hate to say it but I will!! now you know how I felt many many times when you left for Caroport with that old Chevy,the years you went to Bible school, and the times you drove to Banff to work for the summer. Yes you were older but you still stay your babies no matter how old they get!I Love my grandkids and we see how they are turning out to be,it will be all worth! TUST ME!! I will be praying!

  8. FINALLY! Someone who uses “……”‘s as much as I do! It’s nice to meet you! I’m a closet “……”‘r too! 🙂 No seriously…really enjoyed reading your posts and I know I’ll be checking back…If you have the time come by our blog and pray for us here in Thailand…

    May you be blessed!!

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