What does your name mean?

What Crystal Means

C is for Complex

R is for Remarkable

Y is for Yummy

S is for Sporty

T is for Tough

A is for Amorous

L is for Logical

What Does Your Name Mean?

Oh Man……”Complex” isn’t that just a nice word for difficult? “Remarkable” ……I doubt it but ok……”Yummy”, “Sporty”…hmmm….those are two words I would have NEVER used to describe myself……I’m having a nice little chuckle over here……”Tough” …. not when I am watching a sappy movie….. “Amorous” well that is just hilarious…….”Logical” well that is a given….

I’m just going to take my Amorous, Complex self to my Mom’s for a Canada Day Supper, I’m sure everyone there will appreciate how remarkable I am…..LOL!

Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians!


11 thoughts on “What does your name mean?

  1. That is just too cute. I have seen it on Connie’s blog this afternoon and now I don’t remember what mine came up with…I think I have to do it again — maybe.

    I hope you have had a great Canada Day today. We have a holiday on Wednesday – YEAH!!!!

    Blessings on your upcoming week.

  2. too cute….it was fun when i had my name done…geesh how is one to know what it means…lol
    blessings thanks for sharing

  3. That was so cute.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

    Angel ( Angel Mama )

  4. fun post – have not been here before, but enjoyed my time sneak peeking around!!


  5. Okay, I am back…It think it changes, because I know I didn’t get this last time *grin*…But I will share with you anyway:
    I is for Irresistible

    R is for Revolutionary

    I is for Impassioned

    S is for Sporty

  6. I just did it on my blog!
    Haven’t done one of these blogthings in awhile….


  7. Very cute! Maybe I’ll try it too!
    Hope you had a happy Canada Day…we have Independence Day tomorrow-the 4th of July. I think our plans are going to rained out. It’s been a cool and rainy summer for TX and we keep having floods :-(..

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