A CD in the making

***New Puppy Video posted in the sidebar!

This is Wes Friesen/Keytech Studio’s, what a great guy! He’s focusing hard on making things just right…..

From Left to right is myself, Janelle Loewen, & Barry Puto, here we are in the studio…..
The harmonies are just crazy between the three of us…..we really sound like we’ve sung together for years not a month……

This is Al Doerksen, the acoustic guitar player……what an amazing musician!

Ivan is on the drums in the background here, seriously one of the best drummers ever & Vic is on the guitar…..and he’s so talented…..and he’s got an amazing ear for details!

Gavin is on the Bass and me on the piano….
Here is Gavin in the studio and he’s such a great guy and exceptional musician….

Well the recording part of my CD is done I think…….We’ve just spend two days in the studio recording and I am excited to say……….we are on to the next stage……..mixing! Yay!
Thank you to the entire team for making this happen……..Janelle, Barry, Al, Gavin, Ivan & Vic and also a big thank you to Wes & Sharon Friesen with Keytech Studios & Debbie Puto from Icon images for all my pictures……Thank you for all your hard work you guys are amazing and I am forever grateful for all of you for helping my dream come true! Plus I really feel I got the best out of this deal……a whole new group of friends for life! The CD release party is going to be so much fun and it will be a celebration of all the hard work that went into the project.

I can hardly wait to let all of you hear the final product!


4 thoughts on “A CD in the making

  1. I am so proud of your determination! That is what it takes to get where you are now! I hope you will do a concert on your C.D.release night. I am looking forward to hearing you in person! I am sure the C.D. will be good but in person is better I am sure!God Bless you dear daughter!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us. It sounds like you had an awesome time in the studio. Really looking forward hearing your CD.
    And don’t forget about us when you receive your first Dove Award (I think they still call it that–Christian Artist Award :))

    Be blessed today and always.

  3. what an exciting time in your life. I just pray that all that God has for you in this season will come and the purposes of God will be fulfilled in you and in those that are touched by this!!!!

    I really can’t wait for that CD…there really is something to worshipping in your own home to songs of those you love wrote the songs.

    I have this one cd and there’s this song called “daddy come rock me” and it’s sung by flowerlady, (a very very dear friend to me) and she worte that song, it was birthed out of her loosing her own brother and it spoke sooooo much to me in the death of Caleb….

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