Wordless Wednesday – Puppy Update – 7 wks

I hope your not sick of Puppy pictures yet…….

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23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Puppy Update – 7 wks

  1. Crystal,

    They are so cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the dogs always make me smile and brighten my week. Hope you and the kids have a wonderful week.

    Angel ():)

  2. awww! reminds me of my childhood puppies (they were yorkies)!!! i miss them…

  3. Oh…so precious! We have a yorkie, Rocky, who will be 6 in Aug. I remember those clumsy little roly poly days! Drop by and visit. There are a few pics posted of him on my site. Happy WW!

  4. Are you kidding me?? My husband makes fun of me because I look at The Daily Puppy every day.

    Puppies RULE!

  5. My daughter just looked over my shoulder. She said,” AWE…cute doggy” I agree

  6. I love his scruffy little face.

    And, wow…someone has a sizzlin new profile photo 😉

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