Photo’s from the Photo Shoot on Thursday

I never knew I could look so good…..she sent me another one that is probably going to be the cover for the CD so I won’t put that here until the CD is released….
The Photographer is Deb Puto and she is starting her own business doing photography & videography so if you are in Saskatchewan and need a good Photographer I highly, highly recommend Debbie. She works with my husband on the video tech team at the church and does an amazing job with her pictures and all the video editing that she does…..
Thanks so much Deb! I love the pictures!


16 thoughts on “Photo’s from the Photo Shoot on Thursday

  1. Whow we what gorious chick! Sounds pretty exciting with you C.D. Can’t hardly wait!

  2. What an amazing picture.I love your hair,it is wonderful.Thankyou for telling me about thankful thrusday I just love it as it gives me a time to think about the smaller things in life that can sometimes be taken granted for.

  3. She was really able to capture not only your physical beauty but also your inner beauty! I tried to do one of those feet shots this past Memorial Day when we went to the beach…I’ll post it just for grins and giggles….doesn’t come close to the great one taken on your photo shoot. How exciting!!! Be sure to let us know when the CD becomes available!!!

  4. I love, love, love the picture of you. It is so beautiful šŸ™‚ – thank you for sharing.
    Looking forward to your CD release.

  5. *insert fox whistle here*
    You look great! It’s amazing how good pictures can bring out the best qualities in us (and how bad pictures can bring out the worst!! haha))

  6. Girl! You look great!!! That’s an awesome picture of you…so reflective. The pic of your feet in dirt is pretty cool too.

  7. You look amazing, well you always look amazing but, WOW
    Hope you are doing well!

  8. I’m a new reader, but wow, beautiful…you and the photos.

    Congratulations on the CD.

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