Crisis… teenagers are growing up….

Last night my daughter and I went to sit in the hot tub for a bit and I figured this would be some good Mother, daughter bonding time so I ask her how her trip was….(her Grade 8 class went to Shekinah to camp for 3 days) and she was telling me about all her little adventures……including the boys who like to bug her and suddenly, out of the blue, my lovely, innocent little baby states quite boldly…..”Mom I think I am going to start dating when I turn 14!” The World as we know it just stopped as I realized she is turning 14 in 8 weeks………So much for the relaxing part of sitting in the hot tub ……. and this is a loose version of the conversation we had…….”Oh really” I said, trying to remain calm. “I don’t think so, you are not allowed to date until your 30!” MOM, that is so unfair…….how about double dates or group dates? “Nope….you can only date when you are ready to get married and that won’t be for a loooooong time!” “So you are saying that I’m not ready to get married until I am 30?” “Yup” “But Mom I want to have 12 kids…….(I was swooning at this point) I have to get married a little younger than that” “12 kids” I croaked…..” Wow…… you’d better marry rich”…..”and do you know how painful it is to have children?” “MOM, I’m going to adopt some of them” she stated……”How about letting me date when I am 16″ ….. How did this become a negotiation I wondered? ” Ok, if you can find a boy who will come and ask our permission to date you!” “Mom that is so old fashioned”……..”YUPPERS”……..”Mom you are so unrealistic this is the new millennium… guy will ever want to do that” “I guess then you will never date”……”I’m going to talk to Dad…..this is sooo unfair” she said as she got out of the hot tub and stomped into the house……..and I wondered how suddenly Dad had become the reasonable one?

Oy….Life with Teenagers, definitely never boring!
(As a side note… we find out from my Son that there is a boy that likes her at the church and of course we are always the last to find these things out. Where was I when this was developing……did I have my head in the sand? I must have!)

6 thoughts on “Crisis… teenagers are growing up….

  1. “OY” is right!!!!!!!

    I’m just going to sit here and pretend that I never read this post….now that I have 2 DAUGHTERS and all……


  2. I can’t believe my sweetheart is growing up, she was this sweet girl that always stopped at my house on the way home from school or right after… I miss that so much! She should have guy friends, tells me they like her like I do. Ha! Ha!

  3. You know…I always emphasize in my lectures about middle schoolers and teenagers…that parents are very naive about what they believe…and I include myself in that…all you have to do is think back to when you were their age…I mean really think back…and take a look at yourself at their age…an honest look..and you will see only half of what they are thinking…and sometimes doing…I’m not saying that I condone alot of the behaviors that are rampant during this age group…but we as parents must understand that there is alot of truth to the old adage “teenagers will be teenagers” it is an age wrought with secrets…secrets kept from parents…because in their world “we just won’t understand”….sound familar? Not much really changes. I talk about my daughter in my lectures and I giggle when I mention that when she turns 13 she will be under lock and key and never permitted to date….however….just three months ago she attended the Easter service with me and there was a young man who kept ‘looking her way’…I asked her (casually) if she knew the young man, and as expected there was a sharp “no”…which in teen language means “yes, but it’s none of your business”…which of course…it’s all about their lives being definitely our business….but not letting them realize it…now that is the tricky part!!! My daughter is only twelve…but I am so apprehensive about her budding sexuality…I’ll pray for you and me so that we can have that extra set of eyes and ears in order to keep tabs on their world πŸ˜‰

  4. Oi – although I always wanted a little girl, but in today’s age I am glad that I didn’t have a girl. I hope that you will work it all out. I am sure that dad had similar answers for her πŸ™‚

  5. See, I read your blog cause it gives great insight…including this post. I have all boys and I’ll be sure to raise them to understand: Parents are asked first, then the girl….when you’re 30!

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