Wordless & Wordfilled Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

There is nothing like these puppy dog eyes……they just melt your heart…….and don’t forget to check the puppy update video on my sidebar……
For more Wordless Wednesday pictures please take the time to visit here & here.


Word Filled Wednesday

….the storm clouds from the last few days! Click on the picture to enlarge it!

Word filled Wednesday officially won’t happen this week as Amydeanne had her baby boy… please take the time to stop by her blog and congratulate her……

16 thoughts on “Wordless & Wordfilled Wednesday

  1. I love those puppy eyes 🙂 – I love to look in dog’s eyes – they are always very expressive.
    Beautiful passage for wordfilled Wednesday.

    Be blessed today and always.

  2. Who could do anything but melt when looking into those eyes!. Happy WW

  3. OMG! Those eyes. That’s an adorable dog.

    (Wow…Mustafa has gotten around a lot of posts this morning! Know German??)

  4. I love the puppy dog eyes! My dog, too, is an expert at giving the look to melt your heart!

  5. Cute puppy eyes Crystal. I always love coming to your blog will get over to the kids blogs this week. Your kids are so sweet , and your dogs are precious. Have a great week.

    Angel ( Angel Mama )

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