Check me out …… some random stuff!

Ok I know I am looking pathetic and Barry looked at me funny when I asked him to take this picture(I’m not sure he would be exactly excited to have his photography name on this picture but I figured he would have to take the good with the bad right?) but it’s my first burn of the summer season…..I even burnt my lips…..ouchie! The Garage sale was a success though so it was all worth it and by next week I will just have some color and it won’t be red, plus a few extra freckles……..and my husband will have his garage back……
I also uploaded new a new puppy video which I put on my sidebar so you can view it at your convenience………….they are getting cuter by the minute…..

For our summer holidays this year….The kids will be spending 2 weeks at Cadet Camp…..both will be going July 8…..I will sure be lonely without my kids….. but Barry & I have a week off starting July 9th so we are not sure what we are doing then but we are looking forward to having the week alone together for some “summer lovin”………….. hey, don’t look at me that way……I’m a grease fan!
For the rest of our summer holiday plans we are going to Idaho for a few days to visit my cousin and his wife and do some site seeing at the end of August…..on the way back we’ll stop in and visit some friends and maybe some family….and hey if you are in the Post Falls area….I would love to meet you!

The CD is coming along really nicely……all of the musicians are done their recording….now the singing will need to be recorded but I am thinking my CD will be ready to be released in the middle of August……I am so excited to see the finished product……..there are some amazing musicians playing on this CD…..and don’t forget our own wonderfully fabulous Janelle and Barry singing……I can hardly wait for you guys to hear these guys sing……Deb, Barry’s wife is taking some pictures of me on Thursday so hopefully we will get some great shots for the cover…she’s a genius with a camera so I am excited about getting the pictures done….
I think the title for the CD will be……..drumroll please……..”Crystal – My Treasure”
What do you think? The title track is a song I wrote called Treasure so I have been trying to play with the wording of it but it seems this is the best I can do……..

Ok I want to write my post for In Other Words yet tonight so I’d better go…..


2 thoughts on “Check me out …… some random stuff!

  1. I am so excited with you regarding your CD project. I am sure it will be wonderful. I hope you will share some tracks with us here on your blog.

    I am sorry you go your first burn. I burn easy too, so I always have to be very careful.

    I am glad that you will have some time with your hubby alone. It is cool to hang out sometimes just with our beloved. We have to wait until fall though to get away *sigh*.

    Be blessed today and always.

  2. Wow, your own cd, how awesome my friend. I love the puppies, they just get cuter, and cuter.

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