This week……..I need some time to refuel… week is so busy……..
Monday – set up for garage sale since it’s a holiday…..hopefully spend some time with friends.
Tuesday – Work
Wednesday – In Studio all day
Thursday – set up for garage sale – in studio in the evening.
Friday – Garage Sale & Cassandra’s basketball tournament
Saturday – Garage Sale & Cassandra’s basketball tournament
I also really have been feeling lately like I have nothing to give……..nothing to contribute……so I’m taking some time off!
I’ll be back……

8 thoughts on “Refueling…..

  1. busy busy…hope you find some rest and refreshment in the Lord. May your cup be filled back up to the top.
    I love love love garage saling, but I hate having one, it’s so much work! I feel for you….I have to have one too this year. Probably in the next month or so. sigh…

  2. I’m having a gargae sale this weekend!!! I am not looking forward to sorting through all the stuff I literally ‘dumped’ into our garage during my decluttering frenzy!! Although I lurk more than I comment (I humbly apologize)….I feel as though you ALWAYS have something to contribute…but I certainly understand the need to refuel…I almost posted a “On Vacation” post myself last friday..(it was up for all of ten minutes)(grin). Hope your garage sale went well!!!

  3. Hope you can find at least a few minutes to sit down this week. Sounds like you will be busy.

  4. Will miss you. Rest and refresh yourself!

    When you return if you would like to play along, I tagged you for a book meme. Check it out on my for fun blog.
    No obligation whatsoever. Let me know if you post so I can come and check it out.

  5. Hope you are getting some time for yourself. Difficult to do as a mom.

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