How to drive a teenager around the bend…..

Well all of you know I am sure how much our kids love to embarras us……most of the time when we are not expecting it……well I have found the solution to bad teenager behavior and I just had to share it with the rest of you……here’s the story…….
We as parents really do take our job seriously and we’ve read all these books and studies on how you need to show affection to each other in front of your children…….well…….yesterday as I was preparing supper……my husband and I stopped for a snuggle……my son who was setting the table at the time was fairly disgusted but the show of affection and says “Get a room”……and being the serious parents we are ( insert evil laugh here) told him that our room was the entire house…..but if he felt more comfortable we would take it into our bedroom……so……we headed to our bedroom with this evil plan in the works…….we spent 15-20 minutes just torturing our boy with kissing sounds and lots of sound effects……(I won’t go into detail but I am sure you get the picture)……He continued just to ignore us but the final straw for my boy came when we yelled out “Brandon……we need help…..come hold the light”………..His response “You guys are disgusting” and he ran downstairs……..(now he was smiling the entire time so it’s not like we made him mad or anything but… was so much fun)
Now I know some of you will be thinking “what kind of parents do this?” or “why would she share this on her blog” so here is my answer to both questions…….never ever pass up the opportunity to embarras your teenagers, it shows them how much you care……… for why I would share this on my blog…..well I just thought all of you would like to laugh as much as my husband and I did yesterday…….
Laughter, especially at your kids is definately good for the soul!
So for future reference as soon as my teenagers are getting under our skin…..we’ll just pretend to be making out……at least it will put a stop to the bad behavior. It’s my latest brainwave in pro-active parenting……..Isn’t it great?

4 thoughts on “How to drive a teenager around the bend…..

  1. Woo Hoo, my friend, I do not think you are bad parents, I think you are fun parents.You made me smile with this, thanks.

  2. I am laughing because with older kids we do the same thing to drive them absolutly nuts! Have a great weekend!

  3. My folks were/are hippies…you know the whole free love kind of people, so they use to do similar things to me when I was a teen. Oh sister! Whenever I would start to make out with a guy, I would get “that” visual and it stopped me on the spot!!

  4. Wonderful, I have found someone that thinks like me, we do it all the time makes them behave like good teenagers, just dying at the thought of mom and dad making out.
    love always

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