It’s my party……..

One of my Birthday presents…..isn’t it cute?
Ooopsss… how did that one get in there??? ( just a note…I was not picking my nose…I did that on purpose for the camera :o)) My friend Darla didn’t even notice I was doing it…..I am so not impressed…..
A cake for me????Aww you shouldn’t have……
My honey….
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


11 thoughts on “It’s my party……..

  1. Looks like you had fun!! I’ll take you out for cheesecake for a post birthday celebration when I come in August!!

  2. I love these pictures–the fountain is just lovely. The nose-picking picture is a hoot! Happy birthday to you–and you look quite lovely in your pictures!

  3. Oh yeah!!! I adore the buggar-picking picture. Well, maybe adore is a bit strong, but that was great!!!

    Love the fountain, too!

  4. You are so cute!! Carry that sense of humor with you everywhere, it certainly will make life more interesting!


  5. why don’t i get some people like you mom can u give me some advice?
    luv yu

  6. haha!! that’s great! =)
    happy belated birthday!!
    happy mother’s day!

  7. it must be a sk thing b/c I do the same thing for pictures hehe!
    I hope you had a great birthday.

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