The God Project

I am so thankful today for my CD project……..for the band members and singers & others that have graciously come to help me out on this project! I can’t believe it but this week we start going into studio to begin recording and I am soooo excited. (my knee is shaking….can you feel the vibrations)
We have been practicing together for 3 weeks now and I have to say I really have some of the best musicians and singers ever……and you know what is so amazing about that is that these people are so good they could charge me money to work on this project……it’s funny to cause for the band I knew what most of them could do but I didn’t know if we would be able to work well together and for the chemistry among the team…well that is something you just can’t snap your fingers at and get…… takes allot of work but we have amazing chemistry, almost right from the first day I felt it………and I knew Janelle and Barry could sing……I just didn’t know how well we would blend together………we sound like we could be siblings……that is how our voices match each other………it really is an amazing thing! I started calling this project “the God project” because He has brought several miracles into place for this CD to even happen……..I really don’t deserve these amazing people……their talent just blows my mind…..they make me feel good about doing this project and frankly I am am not really worthy to be in the same room with them because their level of talent is huge in comparison to my talent……..and we’ve had so much fun already…….we are all excited about the CD release party………..we seem to be all on the same page……..and if you have ever worked with musicians and creative people you understand what I mean when I say that this is a miracle.
So let me introduce the team for “The God project” to all of you.

On Bass is Gavin Cranmer-Sargison. Now Gavin is one of those kinds of guys that you love to have on your team. He just moved to Saskatoon from Victoria about 1 year ago and I really had not gotten to know him much before this point because we are on different worship teams. I remember when I first asked him to join the team he told me he was going to think & pray on it a bit……..later that week when I talked to him again…..he said something like this “I really would like to help you on this project but I just want you to know that I am still fairly “green” and I don’t want to let you down”. To be honest I almost laughed at him when he said this cause I would consider him one of the most amazing gifted musicians I know…I assured him that there would be no possible way that he could disappoint me unless he didn’t show up for practices which I knew he would not do.

On Acoustic guitar is Al Doerksen. Now I have known Al for at least 6-7 years because he was on the team when I was a worship leader in Osler. Al is one of those guys that everyone wants to have on their team and even to lead a worship service, he can play ANY instrument… but his first love is acoustic guitar and is an amazing musician…..He can make anyone sound good. He has an amazing heart and when I asked him to help me on this project……..after 2 years of not playing together……….His response was “I would love to”…..he didn’t even hesitate. He still gives me goosebumps when he plays and he brings an amazing energy to this project.

On Electric Guitar is Vic Hamm. Now Vic is my amazing friend Darla’s husband so I have to be careful what a say here about him cause she reads my blog (HI DARLA), not that anything I would say on my blog would surprise her…..but she would agree with me……Vic is a smokin’ hot guitar player. Vic is one of those guys that constantly surprises you with his talent……he’s such a laid back kind of guy that he really kind of takes you by surprise when he lets loose and throws down some amazing guitar stuff off the top of his head…….especially because Vic’s roots are in country music…..but ……. nothing he is playing on our team even comes close to country. Vic’s been in several bands before…..all of them before Jesus got a hold of his heart. Vic & Darla both are our best friends and we have a blast together……..we also co-lead a small group with them….I can’t say enough good stuff about them…….WE LOVE THEM ALLOT!

On Drums is Ivan Doerksen. Now Ivan & Al are cousins and Ivan was also in the band when I was a leader in Osler. Ivan is seriously one of the best drummers I know……everything by ear and so precise in his timing that we often irritate him on how often we change the speed of the song. Ivan can play anything…..he can read minds too, he did it when we were in Osler and he does it now……..he just knows what I want…..I can say something like can you change the beat on that particular bar to something different and he will try something different and know what I meant without me explaining to him…’s freaky… really is……He loves to play drums……He is a true worshiper and follower of Jesus and gives 100% to every effort he does. He brings so much energy to this project and I love having him around.

On Harmony Vocals I have Janelle Loewen. What is cool about Janelle is that I met her through blogging…..and we’ve met in person a few times but I had not even heard her voice until our first practice……and I swear we could be sisters vocally. (Isn’t it just amazing how God works these things out). I really needed someone on alto harmony(& I didn’t want to be the only girl in this band) and Janelle fits the bill to a T and since she has been in the band at FUSE I knew that she would be great for this project. She is also going to take a few lead parts on the project which I am totally excited about….she has such a great voice….I could not let such a beauty stay in the background. I love everything about her and her sweet spirit, her enthusiasm and willing spirit to help out even when she’s going through some of her own stuff right now is such a blessing.

On Harmony Vocals as well I have Barry Puto. Barry is another one of those guys that everyone want to be friends with…..he just makes you smile when your are around him. He’s got this amazing voice that just gives you goosebumps on your goosebumps and he sings amazing tenor parts too. His voice is as big as his heart and you just have to love him. Barry brings with him a passion for worship that reminds me of when I first started singing for God’s glory…’s like that “first love” for God and it’s very contagious. He was so excited when I asked him to be a part of this project and didn’t even hesitate in agreeing to be a part of it.

On the Piano……well there is just me…..I wish I could have found someone else to do my piano stuff cause I am really not that good……but…..I felt like I had to be true to myself and to those people who love to hear me play (mostly just my parents).

Now my project is not even close to being complete unless I talk about my design people. Deb Puto (Barry Puto’s wife) is doing my cover and I am excited about some of the ideas she has for the project. She is a gifted Photographer and I am so excited she agreed to take on my cover project, I love her heart she is such a special person to both my husband & I (she works in Video ministry with my husband, the only girl on the video team, poor girl) Barry, my husband, is also working on the cover design with Deb and helping with my inside booklet… well my amazingly gifted husband is doing sound for all of our practices and will be my sound guy for our CD release party. My Man is my rock, my hero and I know I do not deserve him most days.

Now last but not least, my friends who own the recording studio that we are using to put the CD together, Wes & Sharon Friesen. They are definitely some of my favorite people in the world. Fun-loving and kind hearted, they just make the world a better place. They are also doing allot of stuff for me for a really good deal…….because they are my friends!

Wow this post is allot longer than I thought it was going to be…..but now you have an idea of how lucky I am to work with these wonderful people and why I am feeling so blessed today. Playing together these last few weeks reminds me of how much I really miss being part of a band….so you never know what we will do after this project is done……allot of the band are feeling the same way…..we’ll just wait and see what God does with this project……..I know one thing….I need to write some more songs…..


3 thoughts on “The God Project

  1. i’m going to be doing a COUPLE of lead vocals??? i think someone needs to fill me in! 🙂 but you know i’m up for anything!!
    it’s so exciting for me as well to see this project come together, it’s such a blessing to be involved in it!
    it’s so great how laid back you are and letting others give insight…i just LOVE singing with you & Barry – and the band guys are awesome…i’m so pumped to get to know everyone better!
    thanks for the opportunity my dear! it’s been awesome to watch you grow! 🙂
    love ya!

  2. I think you need to post a clip of it when you’re done so I can hear!!! 🙂

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