The Puppies are here!…..

Last night panic set into our home when my little Yorkie went into labor 7 days early. For anybody who knows about dogs you know that these puppies are premie’s, it’s like a human baby being born 6-8 weeks early…..we already knew that we would have to have a C-section with her because the puppies(we had Xrays done last week) were already to big for her to deliver them naturally…..but we were not prepared for her to go into labor early…..
We rushed her to he vet clinic at 11:30 p.m last night after her water broke………we had to go 40 minutes away for emergency vet services……..she had her C section and we just had to pray that the puppies would have enough lung capacity to breath this early….I know most people don’t get the whole attachment I have to my dogs…..that is ok…..but I really was praying hard on the way to the vet clinic last night for my dog….yes I wanted live puppies but I love this dog so much…….she is attached to my heart and I had to give God control again because there was nothing I could do(God created me this way, to love my animals, and had mercy on me because I really believed that we would have 2 dead puppies)………So far we have 2 live puppies…..the next 48 hours are critical for the puppies……but so far they look good……they are breathing a nursing good so that is a really good sign…….here are a few pictures from last night (or should I say early this morning)
Everyone knows that something is up…..Emily stood from a distance when we brought the puppies home and just listened to them cry at the door….

Mollie already was trying to mother the puppies…..but we are trying to keep her away from them for now….

This is Abby lovin on her puppies……she was just barely waking up from her surgery and she was already licking them and pushing them into her stomach….
Meet the two trouble makers themselves……These puppies are double the size of my pug puppies when they were born so to me they already look 1 week old…..we have not named them yet(a boy & a girl) so if you have name suggestions I would love to hear them….

That was my night…..I apologize for the two “pet posts” in a row(for those of you who don’t like pets)….I promise to come back with more substantial post in the near future… I think I am going back to bed!

8 thoughts on “The Puppies are here!…..

  1. I LOVE the pet posts! Emily’s face through the door was so cute. “What is going on in there, and should I be worried??” Those pups are adorable. Their ears!!! They look like baby Vulcans! Congratulations!

  2. Oh, I love, love, love dogs. You can post all the puppy pictures you want…I am glad that your girl is okay. And yes, I totally understand your love for dogs, believe me…

    Names? I am not so good naming dogs. Our dogs are Zoey and Bandit *smile*…but your pups are just too cute for those names.

    I hope that all will go well with the pups

  3. they look totally sweet! I’m praying they thrive well! And that the mama recooperates well too!

    both girls? rose & tulip? lol I don’t know.. they are too cute! My 2 yr old would call one Bujo (but he calls everything Bujo lol)

  4. They look like you Mollie’s puppies!! They are so cute! I did want to come see today but my headache did not let up, I haven’t had it this bad for a long time, I even had to throw up! I hope all will go well.. LOVE YOU!

  5. That is so precious! I know all about that pre-term labor stuff–yikes! I’m glad all went well with your sweet puppies! The first names that came to my mind were “Fred” and “Ethel” or “Ricky” and “Lucy”! Hope you find the perfect names for them!

  6. Thankyou Crystal for helping me put life back in perspective.Hope the puppies are doing well

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