Soon April 23 will be here!

Ok so as the day approaches for Abby to have her puppies…..I just had to do this post because…..well……isn’t she just adorable…..

And when people come up to her now she just rolls over to show them her belly…..”see, I have babies in here” she seems to be saying……
Next week we take her for her X rays to find out how many babies she is carrying and if any of them are to big for her to deliver….

Puppies at our house are a really big deal……..I am sooo excited! This beautiful little Yorkie is my pride & joy…..she’s my reading buddy…my sleeping buddy……she would go everywhere with me if I let her. I can’t say enough good things about her……she doesn’t typically bark allot…although the breed profile says that they are yappy…..not my girl…..she senses my bad days and tries in her own way to make me feel better…..she is a really smart dog! And I never thought I would say this but she really is my baby……she will win anyone over with her smile…..(yes she smiles)and she loves the kids so much and waits for them to come home from school…….I am hoping to use her eventually for being a therapy dog……she really has an amazing temperament. I will post baby pictures when she delivers……


3 thoughts on “Soon April 23 will be here!

  1. I must so myself!! She is amazing!! I could LOVE her too like that!She understands going to Grandma’s house which is pretty cute..

  2. HOW exciting!!! I am sure they will be SUPER adorable. I am almost tempted to say send one over here. But with a newborn coming in the fall – my doggie days will have to wait!

  3. I love dogs and puppies and your breed of pup.

    I also looked at your article. Wow. I need to come back when I have more time to re-read it. Thank you.

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