In Other Words – at the foot of the Cross

“At the heart of the story stands the cross of Christ
where evil did its worst and met its match.”
I can almost picture that’s kind of like today…..dark & dreary…….there are people everywhere…just waiting….some people waiting to catch a glimpse of this man call “Jesus”, the one who supposedly raise a man from the dead….others just want to see someone beaten to death…….some of them where hoping this man they had followed would somehow get himself out of this death sentence, He was after all the “Son of God” why would he allow himself to be killed….it just didn’t seem logical…..not one of these people really understood the mission Jesus was on except for a select few……All his years of ministry led up to this one day….. He stood and took all the sins of everyone ever born both then and now and carried them to the cross so that You and I could know God and be known by God…..Satan thought He’d finally won…..but little did he know that this was all part of the plan……the plan to redeem and restore mankind to God…..even now mankind really doesn’t understand what that cost God to send His only Son to be beaten & die, and not just a regular death either… was a death of torture and extreme pain! The story grips my heart even today……where would I be without what Jesus did for me?
The thing is……He didn’t just do it for me……He did it for all those around me to…..but why do I keep Him all to myself…..there are people all around me dying without Jesus…….and I am letting them……..there are so many people searching……listen to the video posted yesterday and if that doesn’t grip your heart I don’t know what will……..even now tears a running down my cheek when I think of how many people I have just passed without saying anything and I could have given them hope…..hope for a future, for forgiveness, for love…..and you know many people just need to be asked…… a recent survey 92% of people surveyed would accept and invitation to church if someone asked them! 92%! It’s been said that Satan’s greatest achievement is convincing people that he doesn’t exist….but…..I think Satan’s greatest achievement is making Christians believe that they don’t have to do anything…..that they can walk by and think “someone else can do it” when I may be the only “Jesus” someone will see their entire lives……How many people will be lost because of my lack of empathy & compassion?

Yes evil met it’s match that day………Jesus broke open the gates of Hell……..He did all the hard work……now I just need to tell about the Hope that only He can give!

For another person’s take on the quote this week please visit Iris @ Sting my Heart
What a great quote! Thanks for hosting this week Iris!


13 thoughts on “In Other Words – at the foot of the Cross

  1. I am pierced to the heart to think of all the opportunities I have let escape me…Thanks for your wonderful thoughts on this post!

  2. THank you for sharing such an intimate view of His death – and a reminder of what we need to share.

  3. Wow, Crystal–92% that is huge. I didn’t realize that the percentage was that high. You are right, He did all the hard work, we just need to share what He has done for all human kind.
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this week’s IOW quote.

    Blessings to you and yours this Holy week.

  4. “Yes evil met it’s match that day………Jesus broke open the gates of Hell……..He did all the hard work……now I just need to tell about the Hope that only He can give!” That is so true! Thanks for a wonderful post. We have work to do!

  5. You’re right, He has done the work, the accomplishing work of defeating death. How blessed we are that He would include us in His plan to gather His family. I know I let too many opportunities slip by each day, myself. I really enjoyed your thoughts today!

  6. 92%!! Wow, I love the picture you paint and your thoughts.

    Blessings. Off to look for opportunties…

  7. Let me not be found standing outside the gates of hell….. as others march through, unwittingly-with my lips, closed. I pray that those I meet- I share my hope with!

    Great post

  8. I loved your take on this quote. My heart breaks this time of the year for all those who don’t know the truth and your stats show that we were made to love Him! If they would only believe. Thank you!!

  9. Wow, preach it! 🙂

    Thank you for painting that mental image of that day and for the convicting message as well.

  10. This is a wonderful, thought provoking post. I, too, was shocked by the 92%. What are we standing around for then? I’m sorry you are still getting snow–I lived in the north for 5 years total, so I remember it well. I wouldn’t trade where I’m at now for anything! Have a good week.

  11. Thank you for stoppin by my blog and for your thoughts on the quote. It makes me want to extend more invitation to church.
    God bless

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