Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for Forgiveness……..

  • I am thankful I am forgiven
  • I am thankful for the grace extended through forgiveness
  • I am thankful that I have the ability to forgive with God’s grace
  • I am thankful for you…..yes you…..your encouragement keeps me from staying discouraged.

Today has been a frustrating day for me so being thankful is necessary because without this I would get discouraged…………Some plans that I made months ago just suddenly fell through…… warning……and I am hurt because it feels like a personal attack………and maybe it was……but…..I am trying to look at it as a closed door instead of something that will defeat me…….it’s all a matter of perspective……so I am thankful for forgiveness……without it being extended to me I would not know how to extend it to others………

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16 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I am so sorry to hear that a door was closed for your this week. But you know, God will open another one. And yes, forgiveness is a wonderful thing, Crystal.

    Thank you for sharing your thankfulness with us this week, even though you got hurt.

    Blessings on your Thursday and always.

  2. You know, some days I do really well when things don’t go as planned…then other days it seems as though, as you say, I take it very personally and I just totally come undone and feel as though life and everyone in it is just plain out to get me. This is the normal pattern of being human and many times I think we are too hard on ourselves. Give yourself a little breathing room to forgive yourself also.

  3. I’m sorry that things didn’t work out as expected. I know how difficult that can be. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing. May God be with you this week!

  4. I’m having whole weeks where being thankful is ESSENTIAL! I thought people would be able to tell form the nature of some of my items, but no one has said anything so far!

  5. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt, but God is our great Comforter and Healer. He will see you through!
    You’ll be in my prayers. Searching our hearts for something to be thankful about is great, especially during a particularly difficult season of our lives.

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. It is hard when a door is closed, but He is faithful to open another for you. Don’t let yourself get discouraged! Great list! Blessings!

  7. Aw, I’m sorry. Thank you for sharing your thankful, it’s a good reminder about forgiveness. I just heard a quote from Beth Moore in my bible study this morning that you may enjoy, “Prayer cuts a window in the wall.”

  8. I’m sorry things didn’t work out, but I’m glad you can be thankful through that–and your words in the header say it all. Thanks for sharing. I hope things start to turn around for you.

    And forgiveness–well I think you said it all. It’s amazing.

  9. Sorry to hear today has been so frustrating. It’s often easier to say “when God closes a door He opens a window”, though thankfully it’s true and we get to experience it in His time.

    I’m right there w/ ya, though. Life isn’t as I planned right now, and it just feels personal.

    You’ll be in my prayers tonight! Hang in there.

  10. Hope you can receive some comfort from your friends here today..It helps to get disappointment out in the open… Bless you. baba

  11. Crystal I know how that can be so discouraging. I will pray a new window will open up, so you can see why things closed.


  12. sounds like my day.. a personal attack… bahhh
    hugs and prayers my friend are with you!

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