Miracles in production!

Well my life has sped up slightly since I posted last so I think I will be slowing down on my blogging and get my CD going in full swing now that the Women’s Encounter is over . Easter is also coming up and Cassandra and I will be putting together some Worship flagging choreography for our Easter Sunday as well I will be making the new flags(don’t get to excited…I don’t sew well but I don’t think there is anyone else to do it for me). After Easter I want to get into the studio and get my CD made and then produced and I think that will take all of my free time. I think I have finalized the music to go onto my CD and I am excited to be at this stage…..you know that feeling when you are on the verge of a really exciting moment? ….. that is how I am feeling right at this moment. To top off that feeling, over the weekend 1 lady gave her life to Jesus for the very first time….9 ladies recommitted themselves to Jesus and I am so humbled that He would allow me to be used as a part of that……..God is still in the business of miracles……I saw some amazing transformations this last weekend!
If I ever get this CD done too I think that will be a miracle in it self……organizing musicians and singers…..and getting myself together just seems like a daunting task at this point. My biggest goal in getting this CD done is just to glorify God with it……He gave me this voice…..He is the one who has given me this ability…….it’s not mine…..so……the CD will be my tribute to the God who gave it to me………I am sure it’s not going to be anything that will make me famous…….my Mom may be the only one who buys a copy(well she will probably just get a free copy since she’s my Mom and all and put up with my stuff….LOVE YOU MOM!)……that is ok……I’m not in it for the money…..it’s being made in a small town studio…..no famous producer to mix it for me……no stores will sell it…..I probably will sell a few at my church……..none of that matters to me……..what God thinks of me matters…that is all…..and I believe He’s put this on my heart and encouraged me to pursue it….I don’t know all the reasons why……..I don’t have to!
I will try to keep you updated as time goes on so until next time………

4 thoughts on “Miracles in production!

  1. It is always exiting to be part of conference where God changes lives. Thank you so much for sharing. I love hearing stories like that πŸ™‚

    As of your CD, what a wonderful project to have. I know it will be a lot of work, but if that is what God has put on your heart, I know it will come together in no time…

  2. put me on the list to buy one! πŸ™‚

    and i’m also free labour if you need an extra voice!! πŸ˜‰


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