Ok one more post….

Ok yes I am singing over the next few days at a Womens Conference and yes I said I would not be back until Sunday but……..I just had to share these pictures of my new little niece….it just could not wait…

Kadra Shae is her name…..7 pounds 10 ounces & 21 inches long…..and she is just the most beautiful baby…..in this picture she is less than 9 hours old. She is already contemplating life…..

Here she is with two very proud big brothers……
I got to hold her for about an hour today and a part of that she was wide awake just looking at me, I believe it was a bonding moment…….it was a moment I never got to experience with my kids……I had cesareans with both my kids and did not get to hold them until almost a day later…..it was a weepy moment for me because it was like God reached down and just gave me this gift because he knew it was something I missed. During our bonding moment……we also made a deal that she would never be shy with me and she would LOVE to give me kisses and hugs(both her brothers HATE kisses & I seem to made them cry, although my oldest nephew is growing out of it now)…..they are never to young to start with bribery!
I am so excited to be an Aunt again….

8 thoughts on “Ok one more post….

  1. Oh she is so beautiful!!! she is lucky to have an Aunt that she will be able to confide in and have fun with…and hug and kiss!!!!

  2. What a cutie! She looks like she can keep those older brothers in-line. Congrats, Ms. Auntie!!

  3. What can I say,, Doesn’t she look so much like her Grandma!! Ha! Ha! We are so proud of her!

  4. She is so darling. Thank you so much for sharing. I haven’t held a baby in such a long time. I think I would be weepy too.

    Blessings to you and yours…

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