Wordless Wednesday

Everyone is posting their springtime pictures…..so….this is mine……if you look closely you can see the snow flying today………it’s really depressing!

Please bring spring back……….
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11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh, Crystal. Really, I haven’t seen snow in some years. But then again, you can ‘defrost’ in your hot-tub :)….Don’t give up the hope – spring will also hit at your place…

    Blessings to your afternoon…

  2. I would have like some snow this year, as it is, it was 78 or so here the past two days, but with pollen counts above 70. I think 100 is considered high.

  3. its still realy pretty but I am sure you are ready for it to be gone.

    Theres a new contest started on my blog with some cool books and other give aways! Come visit

  4. Oh, I just can’t believe that snow!!! It is always so hard for me to imagine that not everyone enjoys the gorgeious weather that we have here in Florida!..It seems I have missed some very important posts…I promise to catch up tomorrow…

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