My Love list

This is my list of things I love……….

  • I am crazy about my Man – the last few weeks when I kiss him goodbye as I drop him off at work I give him a shock….I seem to be a walking static factory these days! He says kissing me is a “shocking experience”. It’s our running joke because every morning we forget that I shocked him the day before and it’s a new joke every morning.
  • I am crazy about my kids – my son has this amazing sense of humor that cracks us up every time… doesn’t help when he uses it when we have to talk to him about serious matters……my daughter is like sunshine walking into the room……she is always happy…she makes me smile when she reorganizes my kitchen because “she didn’t like how I did it”.
  • I am crazy about my dogs – they just always make me smile and keep me grounded…their needs are so basic……food & water & love & a nice walk every once in a while……I could tell you stories about all three but I will spare you……
  • I love Tex/Mex food….and there is not one restaurant(unless you count taco time) in Saskatoon that serves it.
  • I love singing but don’t get to do nearly enough of it anymore
  • I love travelling, seeing new things and experiencing new cultures……and I love coming home after a trip…..
  • I love having a huge extended family…… Mom is the youngest of 11 …….. my Dad is the 3rd youngest of 15. I have probably 50+ first cousins on each side of my family and I can proudly say that I know who all of them are, some of them are my closest friends.
  • I love my neices & nephews……they bring so much joy to my life.
  • I love gardening and having a nice yard with lots of flowers (which I will have to start fresh with this year because we just moved)
  • I love just sitting by the fire and being lazy
  • I love camping, especially when I can take my dogs with us and hang out with friends at the lake.
  • I love my friends……..I love doing nice things for them when I get the chance………

Obviously my list could go on and on………those are the most important ones!


6 thoughts on “My Love list

  1. I enjoyed reading your love list. Most of them I have to agree with my own familye – except the extended family :)…Although we have two dogs, none of them is mine…
    At one point in my life I would love to travel to Australia and New Zealand – who knows – it might happen.

    Blessings on your Friday and always…

  2. have you tried that cactus joe’s? on circle? I’ve been wanting to go there, but it’s not joe’s thing, so I have to find someone to try it with….hint hint.

    it’s such a blessing when you can appreciate your family! You have such a beautiful family! I love your kdis too, I guess I know cassandra alot better, she has such a good heart…learned it from her mom!!!

  3. I enjoy reading about what are people love ;)….I also enjoy Tex/Mex and thankfully there’s a restaurant every other block that has it in the big city (about an hour from here)…I’m not sure if Chili’s would be considered real tex-mex….oh my….did I forget to mention my beloved Marbles during love week????? Oh no…..he is the third love of my life…you’re right, they’re needs are just so basic.

  4. Oh my goodness! Cactus Joe’s is nuttin compared to “ee burritos” on 22nd Street. More Mex than Tex, but fabulous authentic food. Take it from me, Seniorita! I’ve lived the real stuff for 7 years of my life. Their food at ee’s really is good. Prices are great, too. Muy Bueno!

  5. Oops, forgot to tell you who I am. My salivating mouth must have made the keyboard slippery!

  6. I loved your love list. Thanks for your sweet comments on my Thankful post last week. I’m just now getting back to everyone, but I wanted you to know I appreciated it.


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