Thankful Thursday

Well I thought this is a good idea since I am not Thankful enough most days…… here goes my Thankful list….
1. for my hunk a hunka burning love…..who got me roses for valentines day…thanks huney!
2. for my teenagers because they keep me grounded……and humble
3. for my Mom & Dad who love to take my kids in for a few days to give them a break from me.
4. for being cold…… that I always appreciate the warmth when it comes.
5. for the sunshine…….need I say more?
6. for my dogs who are so excited when I come home from work.
7. for my computer……because I love blogging
8. for a great job where I get to work with the best people in the world…..our Pastors.
9. for the ability to sing and write songs, even if it’s just for my audience of one.
10. for the beautiful home that God has blessed us with.
11. for amazing friends
12. for an amazing Brother & Sister and their spouses who have given me great neices & nephews.
13. for a God that loves me enough to discipline me.
14. for a God that wants a relationship with me.
15. for the ability to see & hear
16. for my church who works hard at reaching those who don’t know Christ.
17. for being able to see first hand people lives being transformed by the gospel.
18. for being able to pay my bills, even though I hate to.
19. for Coke Zero……..finally a diet drink that doesn’t taste to bad
20. Last but not least…….for all of you my blogger friends who encourage me daily!

Please visit Iris over at Sting my heart for more Thankful Thursday Participants!

Blessings on your day!


9 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. What a wonderful list! I, too, don’t feel thankful enough most days, though I have soooo much to add to my list! Have a great day!

  2. I am thankful for the chance to exercise thankfulness every couple of weeks, blogging my thankful thursdays. I enjoyed reading your list!


  3. You truly do live a blessed life! What a great list…I have got to try that Coke Zero, you’re the 2nd Thankful Thursday person to mention it.


  4. Ha! this post made me laugh…burning love! Now the song is stuck in my head!

    This is a great list! Hugs!

  5. Before I even opened my email tonight – I paid the bills. I don’t like it either, but something that has to be done. My Sweetheart just said “Don’t spend it all” – lol…

    Thank you so much for sharing your thankful list with us this week.

    Blessings on your evening and always.

  6. Wonderful list! I love how our church reaches out too. The photo of your dogs cracks me up! I love it!


  7. Yes, it’s a wonderful list. Such a blessing.

    I am thankful for my computer too 🙂

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