Women’s Encounter

Women’s Encounter is for Women who need a touch from God……..Christian, non-Christian, young, old, single, married, divorced, widowed, separated………we have one thing in common……we are Women! I have agreed to sing for the next Encounter coming up on March 17th in Saskatoon and it’s something I am so excited about. I see lives changed at this event……..women see their worth and value in God’s eyes………not people’s eyes, but God’s eyes! We are daughter’s of the King……we are royalty…. we are heirs to the kingdom, God created us because he knew that Man would not be complete with out us :o)). (I like to remind my husband of this often).
I heard a speaker say at the Breakforth conference a few weeks ago, “Look for where God is moving and get involved there, if you don’t see where He is moving ask Him to reveal it to you, this will revitalize and renew your passion for what God has called you to do”. This is something I truly feel I found in Women’s Encounter………He is moving in Women all over the world to rise up to be what He has called us to be. When I am involved in Women’s Encounter it’s a feeling I can’t describe other than to say that I feel God cheering me on……..I have resigned from the Worship team because I just don’t feel the same there……it’s not that God is not working there because He is, but I am not seeing lives changed there……..but He’s not given me the same passion for it as I have for Women’s Encounter. I never thought I would ever say that because I love to lead Praise & Worship in Church, and yes this is leading in Praise in Worship but it is on a much smaller scale…..there is no band……just me and my piano! This is where God is doing BIG things though, I have seen Women’s lives changed forever and I love being a part of that, allowing God to use my voice to reach that one person who really needed to hear God say to her “I LOVE YOU” and her coming to me after just to say “Thank you for allowing God to use you, I was blessed”. I love going…….It’s not a chore…….I really love preparing for it & I love the women I work with……they love me deeply…..pray for me daily……..I feel them lifting me up……..I can’t explain it other than to say….you need to experience it! Not because of me but because you need to see what God is doing…………He may need to do something in your life for you to “move on”.
This year Women’s Encounter will be transfered to Poland from our church, we may be transferring it to another Canadian city in the next year and we have some Women from that city coming to check things out in March. God is on the move………so hop on and join me……..you will never be the same again……and if you want to experience Women’s Encounter………I would love to sponsor you………there is no cost for the day, it’s all covered by me, consider it a gift…from one Women to another!
If you are to far away……well I feel bad that you can’t experience it but take what I said to heart…..Where is God moving? Go there……….get involved there…….He will give you so much energy and passion you won’t believe it………..I can honestly say….you will never be the same again.


3 thoughts on “Women’s Encounter

  1. I have heard that also “Look where God is moving and get involved”…I praise that you have been able to find that…there is much joy in being passionate about God’s purpose in your life ;)It’s contagious!

  2. It is awesome to be lifted up by other women. God is moving in many places and it seems that He has put in a place where He needs your service.
    Blessings on your day and always…

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